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Evolving Protection Against Evolving Security Threats
By Advent One | 22/6/2016

As the nature of IT security threats evolve, the difference between an organisation susceptible to a catastrophic incident, and an organisation that is resilient in the face of sustained attacks, will be sound practices, good tools, an excellent culture and a trusted security partner.

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Delivering Secure Guest Access and Mobile Internet Device (MID) Management with HiveOS 4.0
By Aerohive Networks | 16/6/2011

Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are easily the most exciting development in computing devices in the post-laptop era. By combining portability near to that of a phone with a larger screen, it is possible to interact with much larger data sets and to perform previously inaccessible computing tasks. From the user perspective, one set of credentials is used on all devices, including MIDs. However, only corporate-owned devices have access to the corporate network. Personal devices can be restricted to only Internet access, or can be given access only to a restricted set of resources such as a virtual desktop infrastructure. Read on.

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Financial services firms defend against DDoS attacks and data breaches while maintaining high performance and availability
By Akamai Technologies | 14/1/2015

DDoS attacks against financial firms have continued to grow in size and frequency. This whitepaper looks at how they have been able to defend against large scale volumetric denial of service and data breach attacks in order to: •Maintain 100% availability for web properties including new account sales, online transactions, customer service portals, mobile sites, and product and service information •Maintain or improve fast page loads and responsive performance •Prevent data breaches and protect personal and corporate information •Enable staff to focus on priority projects versus diversion to attack-related efforts

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Evolving Threats Demand; New Approaches To Security
By Akamai Technologies | 28/10/2013

As the world becomes increasingly hyper-connected, the opportunities for innovation and new business models are virtually limitless. However, with so much business-critical information at stake, the need to protect a company's IT assets is more important than ever before. This paper aims to profile the emerging players who comprise today’s emerging threat ecosystem; today's trends and the latest insights into the future.

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Defending against application Denial of Service attacks
By Akamai Technologies | 14/1/2015

This whitepaper digs into application DoS attacks, offering both an overview of common attack tactics and possible mitigations for each. By the end of the paper you should have a guide and an understanding of how your application availability will be attacked, and what you can do about it.

•Attackers increasingly leverage availability-impacting attacks, both to cause downtime and to mask other kinds of attacks — usually involving data theft. •Adversaries exploit weaknesses in application stack components to knock infrastructure over, but the application itself can be targeted •Defending against AppDoS attacks requires a multi-faceted approach that typically starts with a mechanism to filter attack traffic

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Government agency fends of DDoS attacks and future proofs operations
By Akamai Technologies | 14/1/2015

This whitepaper looks at how a high profile government agency website came under attack, their response and how they put in place more proactive measures to recognise and counter to the wide variety of online attacks. •DDoS attack on site reached levels of 1,262 requests per second and 257 Mbps of traffic •Agency needed to meet two requirements: prevent large scale attacks and protect agency online operations beyond the website •With security implementation, agency can now remain operational and credibility was preserved

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Evolving Threats Demand New Approaches to Security
By Akamai Technologies | 23/1/2014

As the world becomes increasingly hyperconnected, the opportunities for innovation are virtually limitless. At the same time, the complexity and risk associated with those opportunities is great. Security threats have the potential for enormous ramifications, but so does deploying a security strategy that compromises the user experience, performance, and the ability to innovate online. This paper will profile the emerging disruptive players, and identifies the essential steps to establishing a secure environment without compromising performance or experience.

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Security in a Faster Forward World
By Akamai Technologies | 23/1/2014

Organizations today operate in a Faster Forward world, as they experience a shift towards an increasingly mobile workforce. Following this, an evolving stream of attackers are now targeting mobile devices where they can more easily access a larger number of high-value corporate and government assets. This paper will guide you through finding the right Web security partner that can improve efficiency while reducing risks and improving web experience.

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DDoS Web Security Statistics Infographic
By Akamai Technologies | 14/11/2014

Akamai Technologies' Security Intelligence Team monitors various news sources, data feeds, and the communications channels of various chaotic actors on the Internet to find issues that affect organisations, such as outages, data breaches, defacements, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Download the latest infographic from Akamai Technologies, which highlights the results of DDoS Web Security survey conducted by CSO Custom Publishing group.

For more information, please visit 

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DDoS attacks against global markets
By Akamai Technologies | 15/1/2015

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can degrade an organisation's online presence and restrict the availability of its services. This white paper addresses the use of DDoS attacks as a mechanism for damaging the financial industry and interfering with financial markets. •A rising number of attacks have been targeting the financial industry, and governments are considering the national security implications •The public image of a financial service firm is intricately associated with its cyber presence •This paper demonstrates a widespread pattern of DDoS attacks and identifies the effects on valuations and financial exchanges

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