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Advancing Your Anti-Phishing Program
By Mimecast | 23/8/2017

This report includes Gartner research discussing the full scope of the inbound phishing threat, and identifies effective mitigation strategies.

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CSO Security Buyers Guide 2017
By CSO | 11/8/2017

The pressure is on to be secure. Are you feeling the squeeze?

If you spent the past few years coming to grips with the true extent of the threat from malware, ransomware and nation-state hackers, be prepared for the rest of 2017 to play out rather differently. Sure, the threats are still there and growing but as Australia prepares to join the ranks of the nations with mandatory breach reporting regimes, you are now operating under the microscope and on a deadline.

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How to make your business more secure using Dell & Windows 10
By Dell | 4/8/2017

Effectively securing your enterprise is a continuous effort that requires constant attention and improvements. Rapid technological change can resolve business problems and pave the way towards digital transformation, but it also creates new points of potential vulnerability – which can create new security problems that interrupt or disable the business.

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Gigamon Improves Security Visibility With Splunk Enterprise
By Gigamon | 12/7/2017

In a Security Operations Center (SOC), success depends upon the ability to effectively analyze network events for security threats. However, collecting and correlating the right traffic data from across the network can be challenging.

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Gigamon Transforms Security
By Gigamon | 12/7/2017

This infographic looks at the importance of visibility to networks and examines the need to re-evaluate security strategies to move away from legacy security models. Included is also a FAQ which addresses the basic functions of SDP, who it can help and examples of use cases.

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Troubling Trends in Network Security
By Gigamon | 12/7/2017

Network security operations are evolving and becoming more difficult to implement. This infographic explains why and the next steps to take.

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8 Things CIOs Need to know about Whaling
By Mimecast | 16/6/2017

Security is an ever-evolving threat landscape. Even with the best in-breed security systems, there is still a possibility that your company is at risk. This whitepaper covers the 8 important things CIOs need to know about whaling and some useful tips they can use to protect their organisation from being held ransom to such attacks.

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The Threat Lifecycle Management Framework
By LogRhythm | 10/5/2017

Prevent major data breaches by reducing time to detect and respond to threats.

You can lessen your organisation's risk of experiencing a damaging cyber incident or data breach by investing in effective Threat Lifecycle Management. Although internal and external threats will exist, the key to managing their impact within your environment and reducing the likelihood of costly consequences is through faster detection and response capabilities.

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CASE STUDY: Sub-Zero Reduces Time Spent Investigating Incidents with LogRhythm
By LogRhythm | 10/5/2017

As Sub-Zero Group, Inc grows and the network becomes more complex, the inhouse IT security staff remains lean. For the IT security team monitoring the network, it was becoming too cumbersome to work with separate device logs and monitoring tools. They couldn’t extract the information on network activity quickly or easily. Setting up a solution with LogRhythm has significantly improved the efficiency of Sub-Zero’s security operations.

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RSA SECURID® SUITE: Accelerate Business While Mitigating Identity Risk
By RSA | 1/3/2017

Introducing the RSA SecurID® Suite, the only identity and access assurance solution that meets the dynamic access needs of today’s modern workforce.

The RSA SecurID Suite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities including access management, authentication, risk analytics, identity governance and life-cycle management.

The RSA SecurID Suite helps solve two fundamental challenges for your organisation. Are my users who they say they are, and do they have the right level of access?

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