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Keep Up With Data Center Modernization
By Hitachi Data | 16/9/2019

Unless your business is static, there’s no way that older architectures will help you manage the ongoing, exponential growth of data. A modern data center infrastructure will give you the capacity, speed and intelligence needed to interpret data and innovate with it. Download this whitepaper and see how to plan your next-generation data center with the latest systems, protection and operations.

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How to become Cyber Resilient: A Digital Enterprise Guide
By Malwarebytes | 10/9/2019

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate, providing a foundational shift in how they meet market demands and deliver value to customers. At the same time, it has created an explosion of data and endpoints, with the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices. Both require vigilant protection from cyberattacks. Download this whitepaper to see what influences the current market have that impact how an organization pursues cyber resilience.

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Key Methods for Managing Complex Database Environments
By Quest | 6/9/2019

As database infrastructures become more complex, you must adapt and learn to balance key business metrics, understand new technology challenges and find the right tools to monitor and manage your database environment. Download our whitepaper and identify key methods to successfully manage your complex database environment.

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Cloud Migration is More than Lift and Shift
By Quest | 6/9/2019

To avoid ruining your IT budget, you need more than lift-and-shift tactics; you need a cloud migration strategy before you have moved even a single byte of production data into the cloud. Download our whitepaper to see the best practices in preparing to migrate applications and workloads to the cloud.

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Deduplication: The hidden truth and what it may be costing you
By Quest | 6/9/2019

Data growth is something we all have to contend with. We have to store more and more data for longer and longer time to satisfy business or regulatory requirements. Not all deduplication technologies are created equal. Download this whitepaper and see why choosing the right one can save storage space by up to a factor of 10.

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Business nbn™ is helping to enable a new way of working through a flexible way of networking
By business nbn™ | 2/9/2019

Is your network ready to support the demands of your business’ digital transformation? An underlying communications infrastructure capable of supporting new ways of working and are adaptable to changing needs is critical for business continuity. Download this whitepaper to see a reliable and flexible range of wholesale network product and service options that help enable service providers to create a solution designed for your business.

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The Renaissance of the Data Centre
By Data#3 | 30/8/2019

As traditional data centres grapple with increasingly sophisticated security threats, data proliferation, the rise of cloud computing, and ballooning costs, organisations must explore new, agile architectures to stay in control and maintain a competitive edge. Download this whitepaper to see how successful data centres operate.

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business nbn™ is helping to enable a new way of working through a flexible way of networking
By business nbn™ | 29/8/2019

Is your network ready to support the demands of your business' digital transformation?

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Modern Devices: The Secret Weapon For Business Success
By Brennan IT | 8/8/2019

Discover why upgrading your employees’ devices is not only good for business, it’s vital to attracting and retaining the top talent.

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Cloud Threat Report 2019
By Darktrace | 8/8/2019

This report summarizes 11 case studies of cloud-based attacks identified by cyber AI, including spear phishing, insider threat, and zero-day malware. The case studies demonstrate how weak indicators of malicious activity were only detectable using Darktrace AI, a cloud-native solution that detects and responds to advanced cyber-threats in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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