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  • InfoSec 2017: Brexit+GDPR = business disaster?

    Sophos - Naked Security
    GDPR is a challenge for businesses all over the world - and the UK faces a particular mountain to climb as it prepares to leave the EU
  • Firms stockpiling Bitcoins ready to pay off ransomware crooks

    Sophos - Naked Security
    But why stockpile when you could just buy Bitcoins when you need them, right? Wrong: it's a bit more complicated than that
  • InfoSec 2017: ‘One disaster away from governments doing something’ on IoT

    Sophos - Naked Security
    IoT is 'eating the world', warned Bruce Schneier at InfoSec 2017 - and it's up to us to make sure that the inevitable regulation is smart, not stupid
  • Russians apparently ‘targeted US election via phishing attacks’

    Sophos - Naked Security
    What's striking about the story alleging that Russia targeted an election software vendor is what straightforward, tried-and-tested tools were used
  • Defining Your Cyber Risk Appetite

    When a senior executive tells the board he or she wants to discuss the company’s risk appetite, usually the board’s interest is piqued. After all, understanding an organization’s risk appetite is critical to the decisions the board makes. So why should defining a company’s cyber risk appetite be so difficult? A CISO’s role is to…
    The post Defining Your Cyber Risk Appetite appeared first on Speaking of Security - The RSA Blog.
  • Capture the Prize

    Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives.  Managing risk well increases the certainty that objectives will be achieved.  Not surprisingly, organizations leading in risk management “capture the prize”.  According to a PWC Risk Review, organizations more frequently achieve their objectives, are more profitable and less likely to experience a negative profit margin than those…
    The post Capture the Prize appeared first on Speaking of Security - The RSA Blog.
  • Eliminating Access Blind Spots in the Modern Enterprise

    Last year, 63% of data breaches involved compromised identities. This year, it’s up to 81%. As the world settles into the “new normal” of mobile, cloud and other nontraditional access points for applications and other resources, the problem of identity-related attacks isn’t going anywhere; to the contrary, it’s getting bigger. We can’t promise those numbers…
    The post Eliminating Access Blind Spots in the Modern Enterprise appeared first on Speaking of Security - The RSA Blog.
  • You think that post is secret? Beware – it can come back and bite you

    Sophos - Naked Security
    'Once posted, forever toasted': as 10 would-be Harvard students learned, it pays to be careful about what you say online and where you say it
  • See a real attack on a virtual network in this free webinar by Nehemiah Security

    Graham Cluley
    Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Nehemiah Security. Thanks to the great team there for their support!
    Nehemiah Security operates throughout an enterprises' network to make security operations - and the business - run better.
    Security teams struggle to quantify the protection levels of their networks, endpoints and data assets. Nehemiah Security's AtomicEye RQ (Risk Quantifier) provides organizations with a security scorecard as well as actionable suggestions on how to better resist a vast range of cyberattacks.
    Watch the free webinar to see AtomicEye RQ:

    Virtualize a complex environment
    Prepare an experiment using real exploits
    Launch the attack
    Quantify the results

    Can you justify your security spend?
    See how AtomicEye RQ can help you measure security risks in both cyber and financial terms, then calculate the benefits of specific changes - before you invest to implement them.

    If you’re interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.

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