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  • COBIT 2019 Makes Framework Easier to Understand, Customize

    Practitioners charged with effective governance of information and technology have a tremendous new resource to draw upon with a significant refresh to the COBIT framework. Today, the first two books of COBIT 2019 have been released, with additional publications to follow later this year.I could go on for hours about the elements of COBIT 2019 that I believe will be well-received by our passionate global community of COBIT users (and considering I am one of those passionate COBIT users, if I...
  • Building Cyber Resilience Through a Risk-Based Approach

    For many organizations to have an effective cyber culture, they must also have a mature cyber culture. A recent cybersecurity culture study conducted by ISACA and CMMI Institute found that only 5 percent of organizations believe no gap exists between their current and desired cybersecurity culture. A full third see a significant gap. That’s why I found it so valuable to sit down with cybersecurity leaders across the public, private and non-profit sectors to have a discussion in the UK last wee...
  • Remembering Tim

    Tim Mason, ISACA Chief Experience Officer and SVP, Operations, and a six-year member of ISACA’s executive leadership, passed away unexpectedly on 31 October. As members of ISACA’s professional community, we extend our condolences to Tim’s family.Tim’s leadership and his commitment to incredible member and customer experiences are the cornerstone of his very successful professional career. What I will recall as his most high-impact contribution to ISACA is Tim’s work with me in 2015 to define...
  • Faces of ISACA: Kyla Guru

    Editor’s note: The ISACA Now series titled “Faces of ISACA” highlights the contributions of members of ISACA’s global professional community, as well as providing a sense of their lives outside of work. Today, we spotlight Kyla Guru, a leader in spreading cybersecurity awareness among young people and an active proponent of ISACA’s SheLeadsTech program.Kyla Guru is in a hurry to make her presence felt in the cybersecurity field.While many of her fellow teenagers still are figuring out what t...
  • Data Security and Access to Voters’ Personal Data by Political Parties: An EU Case Study

    Editor’s note: The ISACA Now blog is featuring a series of posts on the topic of election data integrity. ISACA Now previously published a US perspective and UK perspective on the topic. Today, we publish a post from Laszlo Dellei, providing an EU perspective.Brexit and the 2016 US presidential election showed that microtargeting voters to deliver them certain political messages may gradually alter voters’ decisions. While less publicized, concerns related to election data integrity also exis...
  • Remembrances Pour in for Tim Mason

    The loss of Tim Mason, ISACA Chief Experience Officer and SVP, Operations, who unexpectedly passed away this week at age 59, has prompted an outpouring of love, respect and admiration for Tim from staff colleagues and throughout the professional community.Here is a sampling of some of the comments we have received about Tim and his ISACA legacy:From Robb Micek, ISACA Senior Vice President, Shared Services and CFO:“One thing Tim and I used to tease each other about was the ‘traditional’ love/...
  • Understanding Big Data and Machine Learning Projects

    Big data and machine learning have rocketed to the top of the corporate agenda. Executives look with admiration at how Google, Amazon and others have eclipsed competitors with powerful new business models derived from an ability to exploit data. They also see that big data is attracting serious investment from technology leaders such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Meanwhile, the tide of private-equipment and venture-capital investments in big data continues to swell.AI/machine learning also cont...
  • The Outlook for Auditors and Infosec Professionals in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The Future of Jobs Report 2018, published by the World Economic Forum, presents a well-researched reading with a thorough and comprehensive coverage of global industries and regions. The essence of the report can be captured in the preface by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman, World Economic Forum, which states “Catalysing positive outcomes and a future of good work for all will require bold leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit from businesses and governments, as well as an agil...
  • Key Considerations for Assessing GDPR Compliance

    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took full effect in May this year, solidifies the protection of data subjects’ “personal data,” harmonizes the data privacy laws across Europe and protects and empowers EU citizens’ data privacy, in addition to changing the way data is managed and handled by organizations.The GDPR regulation affects people across the globe. The scope of GDPR is quite wide-ranging, and can apply to many global institutions with operations in E...
  • Concerted Effort Needed to Assure Data Integrity in Electoral Process

    The motivations of cybercriminals are as diverse as their forms of attacks. Many cybercriminals are after money, naturally, but plenty of other incentives exist, including the allure of exerting power and influence. Unfortunately, one of the most impactful ways to do so involves tampering with the integrity of elections, a rising concern in the United States and around the world.While election security is not a new topic, it took on increased prominence in the US in the aftermath of the 2016...

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