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  • DevOps/Agile – Moving at the Speed of Business

    Disruptive technology is not new; however, the speed of the disruption is ever increasing. For example, the printing press developed in the middle of the 15th century, and it took about 300 years before its information power reached the masses. Fast forward to the year 2000—it is a Friday night, and Blockbuster is the place to be. By 2010, Blockbuster was in bankruptcy. Given today’s technology-enabled fast pace, disruption could occur in as little as 300 weeks. That is the speed of business...
  • Faces of ISACA: Mike Krajecki, Director, Emerging Technology Risk Services, KPMG

    Editor’s note: The ISACA Now series titled “Faces of ISACA” highlights the contributions of ISACA members to our global professional community, as well as providing a sense of their lives outside of work. Today, we spotlight Mike Krajecki, KPMG director in emerging technology risk services.Mike Krajecki was studying information technology as a college undergraduate when his career goals crystallized.“I loved what I was doing, but I wanted to find a way to tie it to business,” Krajecki said....
  • Find a Network to Support Your Professional Journey

    Nearly two decades after the fact, much of the frenzy about the potentially calamitous implications of Y2K has been reduced to a punch line. But while it’s true that the turn of the century did not trigger the monumental chaos that many feared, Y2K was deeply significant on a personal level. It helped set me on the path to becoming an IT auditor.Leading up to Y2K, I was a financial and performance auditor, but I became intrigued by the risk scenarios that were discussed as part of the Y2K hyp...
  • Five Questions with ‘Passionpreneuer’ Moustafa Hamwi

    Editor’s note: Self-described ‘passionpreneuer’ and award-winning author Moustafa Hamwi will deliver the closing keynote address at Asia Pacific CACS 2017, to take place 29-30 November in Dubai. Hamwi will address an often overlooked ingredient in business success – passionate leadership, also the subject of his recent visit with ISACA Now. The following is an edited transcript:ISACA Now: Why is passionate leadership so important?Passion is the key differentiating factor for true leaders. It...
  • IoT Security Programs Must Leverage Trust

    With an ever-growing digital and virtualized world of interconnected devices, we are seeing the rise of an ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) that is impacting everyday actions. This ecosystem of devices can be managed and monitored remotely, can leverage mobile and wireless networks for communication, and capitalizes on a combination of the cloud and data centers for analysis.While this is a good thing for technological and human-machine interaction, the confluence of many devices and app...
  • Getting Smarter About Making Cities Smart

    Having had the privilege to have visited a number of cities throughout the world, I have learned that Chengdu is not Mexico City, Brussels is not Houston, Abuja is not Melbourne, and Johannesburg is not Dubai. That’s because the heart of every city beats differently. Each has its own character, its own vibe, and its own goals for assuring the best standard of living possible for its citizens and for the visiting public.Likewise, every city is evolving at its own particular pace, though all ar...
  • Talking Team-Building, Business Continuity and Risk Management with Vicki Gavin

    Editor’s note: Vicki Gavin, CRISC, MBCI, is compliance director, and head of business continuity, cyber security and data privacy for The Economist. Gavin, based in London, recently visited with ISACA Now to discuss how her areas of expertise are being affected by the fast-changing technology and regulatory landscape. The following is an edited transcript.ISACA Now: At InfoSec Europe last month, you were part of a panel that discussed building an agile team for the future. What were the major...
  • Use Multiple Guidance Systems for Effective Governance

    In today’s competitive environment, enterprises are under enormous pressure to focus valuable resources on initiatives that provide value. The inherent issue with most approaches is that the methods used to determine organizational priorities are often flawed by focusing on compliance as a primary navigation aid. A “compliance only” focused program can have a huge effect on performance. Of course, compliance is crucial for business survival, but it’s not always the only guidance system to use...
  • Job Boards, Social Networking Sites Can Set Cyber Attacks in Motion

    One of the most common cyber security questions I get is: How do attackers plan/carry out their attacks? I thought this would be a great topic to address since we are always asked to explain the risk of any audit observation we make. So, what is risk anyway? In a cyber security context, think of risk as the overall probability of our systems or data being compromised by a malicious individual. Attackers (which could be insiders) make up one piece of our risk equation, the other piece being vu...
  • Auditing Data Privacy Can Bring Major Value to Organizations

    As new technologies facilitate innovative uses of data, the corporations, governments and nonprofits using these technologies assume responsibility for ensuring appropriate safeguards over the collection, storage and purging of the data.Highly publicized data breaches have heightened corporations’ concerns around their abilities to successfully meet this task. The concern is well-founded as the consequences of a data breach extend beyond reputational loss to include regulatory consequences as...

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