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  • Lower IT Department Expenses Without Compromising on Security

    The IT department has risen to prominence as one of the more integral components of successful, modernized organizations. However, in the midst of this growth, IT has also become increasingly expensive for many of these companies. Discovering what it looks like to manage a cost-effective IT department could be the difference between running a profitable business and straining to make ends meet. Three Highly Effective Ways to Lower IT ExpensesAccording to an article coauthored by consultant Ke...
  • AI: the Challenge and the Solution

    Editor’s note: P.W. Singer, strategist and senior fellow at the New America Foundation, will deliver the closing keynote address at ISACA’s 2018 CSX North America conference, to take place 15-17 October in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Singer recently visited with ISACA Now to discuss pressing cybersecurity considerations that governments much grapple with, the multi-faceted impact of artificial intelligence and more. The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for length and clarity: IS...
  • IT Audit Co-sourcing Requires a Strategic Touch

    The 7th annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey shed light on several IT challenges that are at the top of the agenda for executive management and will have a direct impact on IT audit plans for many enterprises in 2018.While the survey highlighted several key challenges, I will be drilling more in-depth into one key aspect, which is the co-sourcing of IT audit. Within the survey, it was noted that IT audit’s role has grown since 2012, in that half of all organizations now have a designated IT au...
  • Is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Enough to Protect Your Organization?

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, also known as the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and commonly referred to as CSF, is top of mind for many organizations.Whether driven by the May 2017 Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure, the need for a common framework between business partners or as a way to measure best practices, many organizations are...
  • Panel: More Automated Services Needed to Support GDPR Requirements

    Where calls to “get ready for GDPR” permeated last year’s InfoSecurity Europe conference in London, keynote speakers at this year’s event—conducted just 10 days after the European Union’s regulatory enforcement deadline—put a stronger spotlight on GDPR compliance and sunk more serious messaging teeth into their talks.Nowhere was this more evident than during the event’s “EU’s GDPR Is Here– Now What?” panel, where two enterprise privacy and security officers, a Microsoft cyber senior executive...
  • The ISACA Journal’s Digital Transformation

    The ISACA Journal has been at the heart of ISACA’s knowledge community for more than 40 years, a tradition we are proud to carry forward into the future.The ISACA Journal has remained a valued asset to ISACA’s professional community because it has continually evolved to meet the needs and interests of practitioners amid the ever-changing technology landscape. This year, for example, the Journal has highlighted key industry topics such as the future of data protection, innovation governance an...
  • Auditing and Knowledge Management

    Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that data, information and knowledge collected and created by internal auditors? Have you ever thought about audits you performed in the past; all that research, information gathering, development of findings, the useful collection of methods, questionnaires, test plans, etc.? Wouldn’t it be useful to share your learnings with your colleagues?After 30 years in the internal audit profession, I have seen the data and information collection and shari...
  • A Remarkable Time to Provide Leadership for a Remarkable Organization

    Serving as board chair at any time in ISACA’s history would be incredible. To be able to serve in that capacity right now – as ISACA nears its 50th anniversary and with so much riding on the work of ISACA’s professional community – makes the opportunity ahead even more of an honor. In an era when technology is driving digital transformation in just about every imaginable way – impacting all geographic regions, both the public and private sectors and industries of all types – ISACA’s professio...
  • Data Is the New Air

    In the infancy of any technology, there are going to be teachable moments. Prehistoric man’s mastery of fire didn’t come without a few scorched fingers and the occasional multi-acre conflagration. As a species, our taming of fire and combustion enabled innovations in everything from cooking to metallurgy to transportation, to an array of other endeavors. Those innovations, however, required a continuous process for humans to learn and establish capabilities to control fire, to use it appropria...
  • SheLeadsTech EuroCACS Seminar Recap

    Sometimes, in a professional conference, especially one that begins early afternoon, mid-work-week, it can take a while for things to get going. For introductions to begin, animated conversation to spark. For the standard taupe convention meeting room to warm up and for the buzz, well, to buzz. Sometimes, some of this, or all it, never happens; that even though you are there, you’re not "there, there."That was not the case Wednesday, 30 May, in Edinburgh, Scotland. That day, ISACA’s...

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