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Graham Cluley
  • GlobeImposter ransomware victims find themselves abandoned by their extortionists

    Graham Cluley
    It’s a bad day when your computers get hit by ransomware.
    But it only gets worse when you realise that you not only don’t have backups, but also have no way of contacting the criminals who encrypted your data.
  • Unlock the power of threat intelligence with this practical guide. Get your free copy now

    Graham Cluley
    Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Recorded Future. Thanks to the great team there for their support!
    At Recorded Future, we believe every security team can benefit from threat intelligence. That’s why we’ve published “The Threat Intelligence Handbook.”
    It’s aimed at helping security professionals realize the advantages of threat intelligence by offering practical steps for applying threat intelligence in any organization.
    Download your free copy now.
    About Recorded Future
    Recorded Future delivers the only complete threat intelligence solution powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. We empower organizations to reveal unknown threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to alerts 10 times faster. To supercharge the efforts of security teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources and aggregates customer-proprietary data. Recorded Future delivers more context than threat feeds, updates in real time so intelligence stays relevant, and centralizes information ready for human analysis, collaboration, and integration with security technologies. 91 percent of the Fortune 100 use Recorded Future.

    If you’re interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.
  • Three years in jail for teenager who spammed out school bomb threats

    Graham Cluley
    British teenager George Duke-Cohan has been jailed for three years for making hoax bomb threats that closed hundreds of schools up and down the UK.
  • Malicious Chrome extension which sloppily spied on academics believed to originate from North Korea

    Graham Cluley
    Computer users are being reminded once again to take care over the browser extensions they install after security experts discovered a hacking campaign that has been targeting academic institutions since at least May 2018.
    Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.
  • Smashing Security #107: Sextorting the US army, and a Touch ID scam

    Graham Cluley
    Fitness apps exploit TouchID through a sneaky user interface trick, tech giants claim to have a plan to banish passwords, and you won’t believe who was behind a sextortion scam that targeted over 400 members of the US military.
    All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by ferret-loving ethical hacker Zoë Rose.
  • It looked like a Citrix ShareFile phishing attack, but wasn’t

    Graham Cluley
    Guest contributor Bob Covello isn’t happy about a password reset email that Citrix has been sending its customers.
    If you’re a company contacting your customers via email, please make sure it doesn’t look phishy.
  • Quora hack leaves details of 100 million accounts exposed

    Graham Cluley
    Approximately 100 million Quora users may have had their information accessed by hackers.
  • Fitness-tracking apps caught misusing Touch ID to steal money from iPhone users

    Graham Cluley
    Two iOS fitness apps have been found exploiting a sneaky user interface trick to fool users into making unwanted in-app purchases with Touch ID.
  • Digitize and automate your customer agreement process for financial transactions. Download this free OneSpan guide.

    Graham Cluley
    Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at OneSpan. Thanks to the great team there for their support!
    More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on OneSpan to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.
    OneSpan is now giving you the chance to download its Financial Agreement Automation RFP Guide for Account Opening, Digital Lending and Leasing Automation.
    Trillions of dollars in financial transactions are processed each year. These include credit agreements, loans, new account openings, mortgages, pensions and annuities.
    Today’s customer is looking for speed, ease and convenience. To meet these demands, financial institutions must offer fully digital experiences.
    This guide is for financial institutions evaluating technology for agreement automation.
    Agreement automation refers to the digitization of the customer agreement process for financial transactions – including application data validation, digital identity verification, agreement signing and storage, and audit trail capture.
    This guide will assist you in:

    Determining your agreement automation requirement
    Deciding which stakeholders to involve in the RFP process
    Developing RFP questions (14 pages of sample RFP questions provided)
    Evaluating options for implementation

    Download your copy of OneSpan’s guide now.

    If you’re interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.
  • Marriott warns of hack. 500 million Starwood hotel guests’ personal data could be exposed.

    Graham Cluley
    There’s bad news if you’re one of the 500 million hotel guests whose data was included on the Starwood guest reservation database.

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