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  • Don’t Do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
                  Does this really apply to cyber crime? This past week at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, I had the privilege and honor of co-presenting with the FBI special agent that helped orchestrate the shakedown of Gribodemon. Gribodemon aka, “Aleksandr Andreevich Panin,” is/was a hacking demigod from...
  • Threat Intelligence: A Vital Weapon to Shoot down Advanced Attacks

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
                  Organizations across the globe are waking up to the reality that advanced targeted attacks represent one of the biggest threats to their business ever seen. Confidential corporate data, business critical IP and valuable customer information is all potentially at risk from this new type of attack. Preventing exposure...
  • Stop Targeted Attacks Dead in Their Tracks with an Incident Response Team

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
                  The thrilling and terrifying thing about working in the cyber security industry is the rate at which threats evolve. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about large scale worm outbreaks like Conficker and Storm. Infecting corporate and personal machines in their millions, these big name attack...
  • Cybercriminals Continue to Migrate to the Cloud

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    One thing about criminals is that they are smart business people. If something makes business sense, they’ll adopt it. Like so many smart businesses around the world, cybercriminals are increasingly jumping on the cloud bandwagon. We’ve seen examples of cybercriminals using cloud-based services to distribute malware. Today our researchers have found evidence that they’ve moved...
  • All Things Partner Program: Questions, Answers & News

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
      Here you will find the latest blogs and news coverage about the Trend Micro Partner Program. We encourage you to engage with the resources below to learn more about the Partner Program and how it can benefit your business. Please add your thoughts in the comments below, and follow us on Twitter: @TrendMicro for real-time updates. June...
  • Trend Micro Launches Global Partner Program

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
                  Trend Micro today announced a new global Partner Program that leverages and extends its current award-winning program in North America, along with key elements of its other regional partner programs, to all of its partners worldwide. Partha Panda, VP of global channels and strategic alliances, explains the benefits...
  • Stop Targeted Email Attacks: Removing the Path of Least Resistance for Attackers

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
                  Targeted attacks are among the biggest threats facing organizations today. A perfect storm has formed.  The combination of globally-distributed, creative, and agile cyber criminals; advanced attack toolkits, infrastructure and expertise that is readily available online; and traditional security defences that are not tooled to detect threats they have...
  • Botnet Basics – Don’t become a Zombie!

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    With the recent global Law Enforcement actions in taking down the GameOverZeuS, botnet users need to understand what a botnet is, how it works, and most importantly, how can they protect themselves from becoming a dreaded Zombie (aRe yoU Botted?). Trend Micro recently developed an Infographic that helps people understand what the basics of a...
  • Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) Conference

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) Conference has kicked off in Boston, MA and will run through Friday. This annual conference offers an ideal networking and learning opportunity from experts in the global security community. According to the FIRST website, the organization is a “a global non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together...
  • The Code Spaces Nightmare

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Updated, 20-Jun @ 6:22pm To say that this continues to be a really bad week for the Code Spaces team is a massive understatement. After gaining access to their administrative credentials, an attacker managed to quickly and easily wipe out their entire business. Both production and backup data was destroyed. Steve Ragan has a great...

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