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  • Join the Journey to the Cloud on Oct/5

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Live in 10 Cities + Broadcast live Online. Trend Micro and VMware invite you—along with other selected enterprise leaders—to join leading cloud and virtualization security experts for this exclusive live event that will provide a clear picture of what it takes to truly secure your cloud environments. The Most Important Cloud Event of 2011: 10 [...]
  • What Are the True Dangers of the Cloud?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    We often hear that security and privacy concerns are the main inhibitors to cloud adoption.  But what are the true threats?  Is the cloud really more dangerous than your on-site data center?  I would say that virtualization and cloud computing aren’t inherently more dangerous, but they have unique infrastructure that must be addressed when creating [...]
  • Encryption is Not Enough for Cloud Security

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    By saying that encryption is not enough for cloud security, I don’t mean that you also need other types of protection like server security, identity management, etc.  I think most people deploying cloud computing plan to implement more than encryption for security.  What I mean is that encryption alone is not enough in an encryption [...]
  • Why is VMware Downplaying their PacketMotion Acquisition?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    This week, on a Friday before the start of VMworld, VMware announced that they acquired PacketMotion. It was announced in a blog post Friday by Dean Coza, director of security product management at VMware. Is it just me, or do most companies choose to announce things they want no one to discuss on Friday afternoons [...]
  • Agentless Security Gets an “A” on Its Report Card

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    In my last blog post, I discussed some of the benefits of agentless security for virtual and private cloud servers. Today at VMworld, Harish Agastya, Director of Data Center Security at Trend Micro, conducted a presentation on Agentless Security for VMware Environments (listed on the Trend Micro VMworld page). Trend Micro released agentless antivirus in [...]
  • Matching Security to Your Cloud

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    There’s a lot of talk about cloud computing and cloud security this week as many people are attending VMworld in Las Vegas (follow Trend Micro at VMworld).  But not all types of cloud security are best suited for all types of cloud computing.  When people generically refer to “cloud computing” they usually mean the public [...]
  • Should We Really Control a Submarine From the Cloud? DARPA Says Yes.

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    The agency [DARPA], which engages in technology research for the DOD, is looking for innovative ways to use the cloud to execute applications “when the applications are minimally specific to the particular resources in use,” according to the posted on “To date, the cloud computing paradigm has not been effectively exploited in embedded military [...]
  • New Podcast with Computerworld – Addressing Cloud Computing Security Challenges

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Click on to download a copy of my latest podcast with Computerworld.It’s titled “Addressing Data Security Challenges in the Cloud.”Enterprises increasingly recognize cloud computing’s compelling economic and operational benefits. Virtualizing and pooling IT resources in the cloud enables organizations to realize significant cost savings and accelerates deployment of new applications. However, those valuable business benefits [...]
  • What Happens if your Cloud Service Provider goes out of Business?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Our own Dave Asprey takes part in a panel discussion along with Ben Kepes, Sam Johnston, and Ray Umerly during Focus IT Security Week. Audio recording follows … Focus IT Security Week  
  • Editorial Note Regarding Deleted Post

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Gartner notified us that our recent blog post entitled “Newly Released Gartner 2011 Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing – Does Cloud Security Belong?” reference a link to a site which had not obtained reprint rights for an image. Per their request we have removed this post until suitable modifications are made. Sorry for the confusion!

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