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  • Join the conversation: Blog@ Trend Micro

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Upcoming Change to the Cloud Security Blog – the new Trend Micro consolidated Blog site Starting today, Trend Micro is launching the Blog@ Trend Micro site, which will showcase the Cloud Security Blog, alongside all the other great content produced by the other teams here at Trend Micro. Each of the blogs will be a “conversation” [...]
  • Ambient Cloud: Two approaches to securing the cloud

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Previous post: Ambient Cloud: Who is responsible for securing the cloud? We have mentioned that the enterprise is responsible for securing their own cloud and can give access to providers to assist in securing their cloud. (For an additional premium, of course.) But how should you approach security? There might be problems. 1.    Extend your [...]
  • 10 Steps to Securing Your Journey to the Cloud

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Consumers are understandably hesitant about using applications and storing data in the public cloud. Concerns such as: “Is my data secure?” “Who has access to my data?” “What happens if the public cloud provider suffers a breach?” or “Who is responsible if my data is exposed?” are common as they consider making the journey to the [...]
  • UDID Primer: Breaking down Apple’s leaky situation

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    When news broke last week that one million Apple UDIDs had been stolen by hacktivists, users panicked: What is a UDID? How did personally identifiable info get leaked along with the UDIDs? How can I protect my personally identifiable information? What is a UDID? On its own, the UDID is just a glorified unique serial [...]
  • Google and VirusTotal? A big win for the security industry.

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Like many of you, I saw today’s news of Google’s announced acquisition of VirusTotal. I had some thoughts that I wanted to share about this. Quite simply, I think this is excellent news for Trend Micro, for the industry and everyone. Why is that, you might ask? Two reasons: First, Google is definitely not trying [...]
  • Was Your Smart Phone on the Leaked FBI List?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    In the world of security professionals, we’re all abuzz about the fact that 1 million Apple devices had their UDIDs leaked by a group called AntiSec. It’s barely news anymore when a hacker makes off with a list of customer information from a poorly protected enterprise, but it’s *definitely* news when an FBI agent’s laptop [...]
  • Right Here, Right Now…. Not Yet

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    This year’s theme at VMworld is “Right here. Right now.” This call to action encourages participants to enter the new cloud era. Certainly there is room for this encouragement as many companies are yet to move to the cloud. In a recent 2012 Cloud Security Survey by Trend Micro, respondents provided the following implementation information [...]
  • Does Agentless Security for Virtualization Also Work in the Cloud?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Well, it depends. Let me step back and briefly explain agentless security to ground the conversation. In virtual environments, many organizations have installed traditional agent-based physical endpoint security on each virtual machine (VM).  But replicating the full solution on each VM saps host resources and degrades performance.  An alternative is to integrate security with the [...]
  • Averting a ‘Crisis’ for your VMware environment

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    On August 21, widespread media reports began to circulate that a new virus or malware was attacking VMware virtual machines. “Crisis” (aka Morcut) is a new family of malware that began circulating in late July, and was reported by many anti-malware vendors, including Trend Micro, as principally infecting Mac OSX machines.  Security researchers have recently [...]
  • Cloud Data Destruction: Is Your Old Data Still Accessible?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    We recently ran a poll on Linked In to get feedback on companies’ approaches to cloud data destruction. As of mid-August we had received 149 votes with the following results. Over a fourth responded with “What’s that?” So let’s start with a brief explanation of cloud data destruction. In the cloud, your data is often [...]

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