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  • The Knight Fork: Defining Cyber Defense in 2013

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    “A knight’s fork: an attack by one chess piece (as a knight) on two pieces simultaneously.” - Merriam-Webster Dictionary When was the last time you played chess? If you are responsible for Cybersecurity you are unwittingly playing it every day. Tom Kellerman uses this ancient sport to look at the strategies and tactics of modern hackers [...]
  • Cloudy Times: #Sandy and Social Media Security Caveats

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    It was almost surreal watching the events of Hurricane (and then Superstorm) #Sandy unfold as it steamrolled its way through the Caribbean and up the eastern seaboard. Even with all of our capabilities and advancements in technology, we still can’t impede Mother Nature when she decides to humble us with her power. We can and do [...]
  • How to Use the Cloud and a Mobile Phone to Read Your Mind

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    If you haven’t seen this fantastic video about online security and mind reading, it’s totally worth 2.5 minutes of your time. Brought to you by a Safe Internet Banking initiative out of Belgium, my ancestral homeland-home of waffles, lace doilies, and diamonds. The bottom line of the video is that if you put your personal [...]
  • Hot from VMworld: Why Security Teams Like VDI

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    A few months ago I wrote about how the VDI had crossed the tipping point—thanks to significant performance improvements brought on by the pervasiveness of broadband and exponential improvements of new cloud-based technologies. The new widespread use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace added fuel to the fire.  In particular, I mentioned the use [...]
  • Changing Seasons in Security bring APTs to Forefront

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Birds are beginning to leave their nests and fly south as winter slowly encroaches. The migration of our feathered friends ushers in the new season. As the seasons change so to have the targeted attacks in 2012. The surge of targeted attacks against remote users is exacerbating the Cybersecurity landscape. Remote access compromises are again [...]
  • Operation Ghostclick: Cracking down on Cyber Criminals

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Rove Digital was a company formed by a criminal organization in Estonia with two business models: one to portray itself as a legitimate business on the surface, but the second and main purpose was to profit from cyber-criminal activities, which they were extremely successful at and did for many years. At GovSec West this week, [...]
  • Cloud Management Key Decision Matrix: Your cloud choices made easy

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Today at Interop New York, I am discussing “Where to Store the Cloud Encryption Keys.” The topic centers around the core cloud management decisions, which I’ve whittled down to eight key considerations. To help with those decisions, I’ve created the Cloud Management Key Decision Matrix to help establish a clear path between those considerations and [...]
  • TweetChat: Advanced Persistent Threats

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Ready to join the conversation? We’re hosting a LIVE TweetChat on October 9, 2012, at 9am PDT, to discuss Advanced Persistent Threats, the development of these sophisticated attacks, and how companies can approach preventing, recognizing and resolving modern hacks. Participants: Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro Director, Security Research (@rik_ferguson) Richard Stiennon, security industry analyst and author (@cyberwar) [...]
  • How the Cloud is Affecting SMB Channel Partners

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    The onset of cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices has radically changed the IT requirements for a smaller business in the past few years. Gone are the days where an entrepreneur needed upfront capital investment to purchase IT infrastructure and business applications before they could open their doors. The availability of pay-as-you go [...]
  • 25 Billion Cloud-Connected Devices to Come

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has predicted that, in just eight years, there will be in upwards of 25 billion devices connected to the internet, which was announced in its annual The State of Broadband report. As a point of reference, the iPhone 5 broke the 5 million unit threshold in three days. To sell [...]

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