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  • Mozilla wants to hear your voice – but should you keep quiet?

    Sophos - Naked Security
    The organization behind Firefox is crowdsourcing voice samples to help people outside the big companies build software and services. But is having your say a good idea?
  • How a Citadel Trojan Developer Got Busted

    Krebs on Security
    A U.S. District Court judge in Atlanta last week handed a five year prison sentence to Mark Vartanyan, a Russian hacker who helped develop and sell the once infamous and widespread Citadel banking trojan. This fact has been reported by countless media outlets, but far less well known is the fascinating backstory about how Vartanyan got caught.
  • For better machine-based malware analysis, add a slice of LIME

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Adding a slice of LIME to machine learning can take it from the 'what' to the why'
  • Swedish PM admits that huge data leak is ‘a disaster’

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Huge outsourcing project led to data on millions of Swedish citizens as well as criminal records, and the home addresses of military personnel being exposed
  • Get FREE threat intelligence on hackers and exploits with the Recorded Future Cyber Daily

    Graham Cluley
    Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Recorded Future. Thanks to the great team there for their support!
    Recorded Future provides deep, detailed insight into emerging threats by automatically collecting, analyzing, and organizing billions of data points from the Web.
    And now, with its FREE Cyber Daily email all IT security professionals can access information about the top trending threat indicators - helping you use threat intelligence to help make better decisions quickly and easily.
    Which means that you will be able to benefit from a daily update of the following:

    Information Security Headlines: Top trending news stories.
    Top Targeted Industries: Companies targeted by cyber attacks, grouped by their industries.
    Top Hackers: Organizations and people recognized as hackers by Recorded Future.
    Top Exploited Vulnerabilities: Identified vulnerabilities with language indicating malcode activity. These language indicators range from security research ("reverse engineering," "proof of concept") to malicious exploitation ("exploited in the wild," "weaponized").
    Top Vulnerabilities: Identified vulnerabilities that generated significant amounts of event reporting, useful for general vulnerability management.

    Infosec professionals agree that the Cyber Daily is an essential tool:
    "I look forward to the Cyber Daily update email every morning to start my day. It's timely and exact, with a quick overview of emerging threats and vulnerabilities. For organizations looking to strengthen their security program with threat intelligence, Recorded Future’s Cyber Daily is the perfect first step that helps to prioritize security actions." - Tom Doyle, CIO at EBI Consulting.
    So, what are you waiting for?
    Sign up for the Cyber Daily today, and starting tomorrow you'll receive the top trending threat indicators.

    If you’re interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.
  • Senator demands to know why email isn’t shielded by DMARC

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Full implementation of DMARC could stop bogus emails sent by scammers to taxpayers

    Wondering where you’ll find RSA at Black Hat? Where won’t you find RSA is more like it. In addition to hosting our Business Hall booth, where we’ll be showcasing the latest version of RSA NetWitness® Suite, you’ll find us in the Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as in speaking sessions on some…
    The post DON’T MISS RSA AT BLACK HAT USA 2017 appeared first on Speaking of Security - The RSA Blog.
  • CopyKittens Exposed by ClearSky and Trend Micro

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    CopyKittens is a cyberespionage group that ClearSky has been reporting on since 2015, tracking their attacks on government-related bodies around the world. Trend Micro has supported this research at several points, including for their latest report released today on the group’s vast espionage campaigns. This research highlights new malware, exploitation, delivery, and command and control...
  • Ransomware as a service: how the bad guys marketed Philadelphia

    Sophos - Naked Security
    Ransomware as a service has broken out of the dark web and its creators are making money by selling it openly online

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