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Matt Tett

Managing Director, Enex Testlab

Matt Tett is the Managing Director of Enex TestLab, an independent testing laboratory with over 22 years history and a heritage stemming from RMIT University. Enex TestLab is ISO 9001 quality certified and ISO 17025 test laboratory accredited and operates laboratories globally covering over ninety industry sectors through eight professional testing services divisions. One of the key divisions is chartered with security testing. Matt Tett's technical background is in the network and security industries, he holds the following security certifications in good standing CISSP, CISM, CSEPS and CISA. His foundation experience involved working for over 10 years within Chinese organisations and several years with Russians. He is a long standing committee member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), Melbourne branch, and is also a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). Matt is an Australian and British citizen and speaks Australian, English and Mandarin Chinese. Enex TestLab can be found at http://www.testlab.com.au blog at http://enextestlab.blogspot.com and can be found on twitter as @enextestlab.



Freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster

Stilgherrian is a freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster with more than a little hands-on experience in information security, usually based in Sydney, Australia.

He studied computing science and linguistics at the University of Adelaide and has been using the internet ever since it's been possible in Australia. He has hand-rolled his own firewall rulesets under Linux and advised commercial clients on improving their network security.

At the same time, Stilgherrian's media career has spanned 30 years. That's included producing talk radio for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, managing an alternative music radio station, managing a magazine, producing concerts and other events, and producing an award-winning CD-ROM project when those gold discs seemed to be the future of media.

Since 2007, he's been writing and talking about the intersection of the internet, politics and the media for whoever will pay him. He is, in short, a self-described "geek word-whore". His style is mercurial, flipping between playful and provocative. He possesses a finely-tuned BS-detector, and isn't afraid to use it.

Yes, his name is just one word. No, it's not a pseudonym.

Stilgherrian is also a prolific user of Twitter. You can follow him at @stilgherrian -- but be warned. He uses bad language.

Contributing Opinion Writers

Matthew Hackling

Matthew Hackling B.Sc. (Security) CISSP

Matthew has over ten years experience operating solely in the area of information security, holds a Bachelors degree in security management from ECU and is also a CISSP. He is a former Account Director in Deloitte's Security & Privacy Services practice. Matthew has led security testing teams on assessments of large core systems replacement projects for banking institutions. He operates more in the area of information security governance these days, despite his urges still stay a bit technical. Hence he plays with backtrack linux, metasploit and new web application security assessment tools in his rare free time. Currently he runs his own consultancy called Ronin Security Consulting and holds the title of General Manager of Security Testing at Enex TestLab. He is an active member of the Australian Information Security Association, and held the office of Melbourne Branch Executive for a number of years. Matt's security blog is called Infamous Agenda and he is an active twitter user with the handle @mhackling

Drazen Drazic

Managing director, Securus Global

Drazen Drazic is the managing director of Securus Global, a leading Information Security consulting organisation specialising in application and network security, penetration testing and product testing for international security vendors.

He is engaged as a consultant across most industry sectors on Information Security policy and strategy. In earlier times, he has headed up Information Security for a global investment bank and Big-Four professional services firm, been a regional IT director and has spent years promoting and talking about information security. Twitter: @ddrazic

Jarrod Loidl

Information security consultant

Jarrod Loidl is an information security consultant with over seven years industry experience. He has worked in a number of different verticals such as education, gaming, advertising, financial services, professional services, not-for-profit and healthcare. His specialities are security management, risk and architecture and penetration testing. Though most of his experience lies in management end of security, he's getting back to his roots and staying in the technical game. He is an active member of the Australia Information Security Association (AISA) and ISACA and has presented at both the local Melbourne AISA and OWASP chapters.

He is an avid, life long learner. His qualifications include a Bachelors degree in Computing, CISSP, CRISC, CISM, SABSA Certified Architect (SCF), Certified Penetration Tester (CPT) and very slowly chipping away at obtaining a Masters in Business Administration

Nigel Phair

Director, Centre for Internet Safety, University of Canberra

Nigel is Director of the Centre for Internet Safety, University of Canberra and for nearly five years was the Team Leader investigations at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre. He has published two books on the international dimension of cyber crime and lectures widely at Australian academic institutions.

Anton Koren

Senior Principal Consultant, Identity Management, Oracle Consulting Services

Anton Koren is a Senior Principal Consultant for Oracle Consulting Services at Oracle Corporation. Anton is technical advisor on Identity Management strategy, architecture and deployment to clients and business partners.

Anton joined Oracle in 2011, as a Senior Principal Consultant.

Prior to his tenure at Oracle, he held positions of Product Group Manager, and Senior Architect (Identity Management) at UNIFY Solutions, Identity Architect at CSG Limited and Software Engineering Manager and Development Manager at CA.

Anton holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma of Marketing from Monash University. Anton is a CISSP, a member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), and a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Robert Layton

Member of the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL), University of Ballarat

Robert Layton is a member of the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) at the University of Ballarat. Robert completed his Bachelor of Computing with first class honours before moving into a PhD in cybercrime attribution. He has submitted his PhD, which developed techniques for automatic and unsupervised authorship analysis. These methods are useful for clustering documents by authorship, leading to attribution.

Peter Coroneos

Peter Coroneos has recently completed a 13 year term as chief executive of the Internet Industry Association, the national industry body for the Internet in Australia. In addition to his role as primary industry advocate, political strategist and spokesperson for the IIA, Peter drove the IIA's policy development work and instigated the formation of specialist taskforces to leverage member expertise in diverse legal, economic and technical areas.

Peter oversaw the development and implementation of industry codes of practice within the IIA representing industry's proactive response to a range of challenging social policy areas within Australia, ranging from cybercrime to online privacy. In his role, Peter acted as industry representative on a number of high level bodies and regularly appeared before House of Representatives and Senate inquiries to advise on the development of facilitative and workable rules for the internet and new media.

Recognised as an international expert in internet governance and joint industry-government co-operation, Peter has addressed audiences in the US, Europe Asia and Africa.

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