Inside the thriving ransomware market

Researchers at Carbon Black examined the Ransomware market and discovered some interesting facts about the booming criminal economy. Mirroring some of the legal technology markets, such as those for software development, the market for Ransomware is dominated by unique custom solutions and turnkey offerings.

Steve Ragan | 20 Oct | Read more

KRACK: Researcher discovers flaws in WPA2 authentication

A researcher has released details on vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol, which he calls KRACK. Attacks taking advantage of the issues will work against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks. To put it another way, if a given device supports Wi-Fi it is likely impacted by the KRACK vulnerabilities.

Steve Ragan | 16 Oct | Read more

As rapid-fire builds threaten app quality, bespoke protection helps developers be both Agile and secure

Adoption of iterative Agile software-development methodologies may be allowing fast-moving, cloud-based companies to update their software on a daily basis – but one security specialist warns that speed can make those companies sitting ducks for security compromise if they don’t support their rapid development cycles with equally iterative testing and protection mechanisms.

David Braue | 16 Oct | Read more

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