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  • The week in security: Wearable tech shaking up security, privacy concerns

    If you're not concerned about the privacy implications of wearable technology, consider how you feel knowing that fitness-bracelet provider Jawbone was showing how its San Francisco customers felt the impact of the recent earthquake, based on when their bracelets said they woke up. On a similar note, a survey found that consumers are concerned about online security threats but do little to protect themselves.

    David Braue | 01 Sep | Read more

  • Wearable Tech - Can your life be hacked?

    Paraphrasing the song made famous in the 1960s by The Troggs and wonderfully updated by Bill Nighy in "Love Actually" Big Data is really all around us. We are making more and more data about ourselves available to a broader audience. But what if that data is stolen? Is it useful to anyone?

    Anthony Caruana | 07 Mar | Read more

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