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  • Security concerns rising for Internet of Things devices

    The burgeoning market for gadgets that trigger a sprinkler system, help you count the number of times you swing a bat, or dim the lights automatically are rising. That’s a concern for any business due to how these devices are also starting to show up at the corporate office for use in conference rooms, executive suites, and even as a low-cost building security camera system. Experts claim the industry is not doing enough to protect these devices.

    John Brandon | 01 Jun | Read more

  • The sport of threat hunting, and who should be in the game

    "Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game." - According to Field and Stream magazine, this is an oft quoted hunting expression. I couldn’t resist the irony of applying this quote to the cyber security industry where hunting is indeed a sport. The good guys and the bad guys both know that they are in the game.

    Kacy Zurkus | 12 May | Read more

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