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  • Is crypto the enemy?

    They say that if you live long enough you'll see history repeating itself. Certainly, that's true when it comes to fashion, music and even computer gaming with the trend towards retro games. And we're starting to see a a battle being fought again over encryption with British and US political leaders making overtures about banning or limiting the use of an important element of information security.

    Anthony Caruana | 03 Feb | Read more

  • Accessibility Trumps All

    Every year sees an increase in usage of the Internet. Broadband penetration rises. More websites are created. Business grows by sharing information with their partners. This desire to reach the masses and provide goods and service cheaper and faster than their competitors often means trade-offs are made. These trade-offs typically involve trading accessibility for security.

    Jarrod Loidl | 07 Sep | Read more

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