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  • Colbert Holds a Mirror to the RSA Conference Audience

    In a closing keynote address at the 2014 RSA Conference, acclaimed comedian, actor and political satirist Stephen Colbert was able to simultaneously entertain and challenge a room filled with security experts from across the world. But it was all laughs. There were moments when the crowd squirmed in their seats.

    Anthony Caruana | 03 Mar | Read more

  • Closing out RSA Conference with a Couple of Friends

    For the last nine years, Hugh Thompson has delivered one of the most anticipated and well-attended keynotes at the annual RSA Conference. This year's instalment of 'Hugh Thompson and Friends' started talking about monkeys and finished with conversations with a leading psychologist and a specialist in security metrics.

    Anthony Caruana | 03 Mar | Read more

  • RSA Conference Awards

    For the last 17 years, RSA Conference has recognised leaders in the field of information security. This year, the contributions of several notable people were recognised through Lifetime Achievement Award and the awards for Excellence in the Fields of Information Security, Mathematics and Public Policy

    Anthony Caruana | 27 Feb | Read more

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