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  • What will be news at RSA Conference 2015?

    In the months following RSA Conference 2013, Executive Chairman Art Coviello saw his company’s name trashed through allegations that a secret deal was made with the NSA that allowed snooping on data, banners unfurled on the Moscone Center during the opening of this year's event and speakers withdraw from this year's event.

    Anthony Caruana | 07 Mar | Read more

  • RSA Highlights the Changing Face of Infosec

    Hugh Thompson is the Program Committee Chairman of RSA Conference and a Senior Vice President and Chief Security Strategist at Blue Coat Systems. But he's perhaps most famously known for hacking the Florida and Utah state electronic voting systems in 2006 and presenting that work on HBO's Hacking Democracy.

    Anthony Caruana | 05 Mar | Read more

  • Advice for Aspiring CSOs

    You want to sit in the big chair and take over the role of CSO or CISO for your company? Do you really know what you're getting your self into? At the recent RSA Conference, we asked some experts for what advice they'd give to aspiring CSOs and CISOs.

    Anthony Caruana | 05 Mar | Read more

  • Infosec 2020 – Coming Sooner Than You Think

    Trend Micro has been pushing their Vision 2020 theme for some time now. The online video series "2020" is the story about the near future based on an ICSPA report entitled Project 2020. Rik Ferguson is Trend Micro's Vice President for Product Research. We spoke to him at RSA Conference 2014 about whether the vision of 2020 is coming true.

    Anthony Caruana | 04 Mar | Read more

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