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  • ​Security leadership and the role of AI

    Our quest to use AI in security is deeply affected by our views and perceptions according to Davi Ottenheimer, the President of flyingpenguin – a security consultancy, designs and assesses risk mitigation. He was formerly the head of information security at Barclays Global Investors, the world’s largest investment fund manager.

    Anthony Caruana | 03 Mar | Read more

  • Is RSA's Chairman Art Coviello in denial?

    In an exclusive interview given to the Australian media at RSA Conference this week, RSA Chairman Art Coviello said "It is against the law for the NSA to spy in the US and if they've done anything illegal, which, again, within US law, people might have commented that they have in the press, but no legal authority seems to be raising that as an issue."

    Anthony Caruana | 02 Mar | Read more

  • You're hacked - get over it

    Here's a sobering thought. Phil Lieberman, the President of Lieberman Software, says, "Every day you wake up, you know somebody is in your network. You just don’t know where they are, what they're getting and what you can do to stop them".

    Anthony Caruana | 01 Mar | Read more

  • Cisco integrates Sourcefire and Cognitive Security features, adds OpenAppID

    Following last year's acquisition of Sourcefire, Cisco has added its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) into its Content Security Portfolio of products, including Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security Service. This adds the option of advanced malware protection for more than 60 million enterprise and commercial users currently protected with Cisco Content Security solutions.

    Anthony Caruana | 26 Feb | Read more

  • Macs all round despite security scare

    A security flaw, introduced to Mac OS X some months ago leaves users vulnerable to attack. The security hole, created by a programming error, allows Apple's SSL/TLS library to skip verification checks of a server's authenticity when establishing a connection. The flaw affects Macs running OS X 10.9.1.

    Anthony Caruana | 26 Feb | Read more

  • RSA Conference Opening Keynote

    The opening keynote of any conference is a key moment that sets the tone for the rest of the event. RSA's Art Coviello kicked off this year's RSA Conference at the Moscone Center. This year's event has been mired in controversy following the revelations that RSA received payments from the NSA to provide backdoor access to one of RSA's products.

    Anthony Caruana | 26 Feb | Read more

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