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  • Private I: Trust and verify for network certificate roots

    In a post on March 23, Google's security team explained that it had discovered that someone was delivering digital certificates to users for Google domains that weren't authorized by Google. A quick investigation discovered that a Chinese certificate authority (CA), CNNIC, had improperly given a reseller enough power to create verifiable certificates for any domain in the world.

    Glenn Fleishman | 27 Mar | Read more

  • Two coasts, 10 days: Macworld's thorough field test of Apple Pay

    Apple Pay's eventful early days were full of highs and lows. Excited iPhone users rushed to test the mobile payment service on day one and found it super seamless. Cashier confusion, Bank of America's double-charging foul-up, and the NFC block at Rite Aid and CVS marred the rollout, but a major product launch is never smooth. And who knew CurrentC, a QR code-based app that isn't even on the market yet, would turn into such a huge thing?

    Caitlin McGarry, Leah Yamshon | 01 Nov | Read more

  • Expo Notes: Accessory makers have their eye on privacy

    I'll admit: If I'm on the ferry in to work, and someone's tapping away at an iOS device, I'm not above sneaking a peek. "Hey, that guy's pretty good at Threes," I might say to myself. Or "I wonder what that email's about." And on occasion, "I don't think public transit is an appropriate venue to be watching that movie."

    Philip Michaels | 31 Mar | Read more

  • Security flaw allows unwanted code execution in Mailbox app

    An Italian computer engineer has reportedly discovered that the popular Mailbox iOS app, which was acquired by Dropbox earlier this year, suffers from a potentially serious vulnerability that may allow malicious e-mails to wreak all sorts of havoc on your device. Macworld has confirmed that the flaw occurs in the latest version of Mailbox (1.6.2) currently available from the App Store.

    Marco Tabini | 25 Sep | Read more

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