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  • Smart homes – Your security death trap

    This is not the first time I have written about smart technologies and the risks that they can pose but I wanted to narrow the view a little with this particular piece and focus specifically on smart home technology and some risks they pose to you and your families that you may not have considered but really should.

    Craig Ford | 23 May | Read more

  • Medical IoT - The Future of Assassination

    I want to do something a little different with this article, I want to take you down the rabbit hole that is IoT and the dark side that is lurking around the corner that I know is going to bare its ugly head at some point in our future.

    Craig Ford | 12 Apr | Read more

  • IoT – Your security Nightmare

    IoT is the latest buzz topic that is spreading like wildfire, almost everywhere you look someone else is discussing IoT and what it is going to mean for us as a society, the benefits that it can bring but what about the negatives?

    Craig Ford | 25 Mar | Read more

  • How Cisco built a security framework that rolls with the changes

    Threat intelligence has become a nice-to-have for many vendors seeking to improve their security offerings, but for the executives leading Cisco’s Security Business Group it’s just the framework for a product-development process that is focused on maintaining a consistent, end-to-end network security architecture while supporting all manner of front-facing customer innovation.

    David Braue | 06 Mar | Read more

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