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  • The week in security: iappANZ weighs privacy progress; Obama, industry fight government spying

    Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim released a new Privacy Regulatory Action Policy as the iappANZ Privacy Summit kicked off. Also instructive on the policy front was Scotland's National Health Service, which shared its experience meeting healthcare privacy requirements with attendees. Vodafone's head of privacy was also on hand, pointing out that economics is playing an increasing role in discussions about the risks of privacy.

    David Braue | 25 Nov | Read more

  • Privacy and the Internet of Things

    It is almost impossible to attend any event that has an IT edge without hearing about the Internet of Things. Until recently, we only really used the Internet as a way of connecting people via computers and servicer. But we are hurtling forward into a world where all sorts of devices have sensors and controls that can be connected, controlled and read over the Internet. That's the Internet of Things.

    Anthony Caruana | 19 Nov | Read more

  • The Right to be Forgotten

    Very few people wouldn’t have an embarrassing photo hiding away. Or have made a silly comment that they wish would be forgotten. Or perhaps a minor criminal matter that is long past but keeps bobbing up, hindering you even though it is long since past.

    Anthony Caruana | 19 Nov | Read more

  • Larry Irving: We're Flying Without a Net When it Comes to Privacy

    Imagine trying to write policy around privacy and the Internet back in the 1990s. It was a world with fewer than 20 million internet users, most of them based in the United States. The task was given to Larry Irving in 1994 after he co-authored a paper on internet privacy. He became the first internet advisor to the then Clinton-Gore government.

    Anthony Caruana | 18 Nov | Read more

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