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  • Knowledge is power in the cybersecurity war

    ​Every breach, whether it’s a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, hack of a corporate database or phishing attack starts in the same place. An endpoint device is accessed and used by an unauthorised party or a user is coerced into using that endpoint in an unintended way.

    Anthony Caruana | 06 Dec | Read more

  • Infosec Marketplace

    The concept of online marketplaces was pioneered by eBay and Amazon many years ago. But these horizontal marketplaces are now being disrupted by vertical marketplaces such as Uber and Airbnb, which use technology to greatly improve the experience of buying and selling of traditional offline transactions. In doing so, these organisations have a well thought out value proposition which is flawlessly executed.

    Nigel Phair | 20 Sep | Read more

  • This is not the end for endpoint protection

    It is easy to dismiss endpoint protection as a relic of an older time when information security only consisted of anti-virus solutions and perhaps a firewall, but as the threat landscape has changed, so too has endpoint protection. It has a troubled history, but this it not at all the end of endpoint protection today.

    Michael Lee | 03 Feb | Read more

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