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  • The 10 most terrifying security nightmares revealed at the Black Hat and Def Con hacker conferences

    It's that time of year again: The wonderful, terrifying week when hackers and security gurus descend upon Las Vegas to show off their skills and unleash presentation after presentation full of scary-sounding exploits. This year is no different. Over the previous week, we've heard tales of planes brought down by rogue code, snoops spying on your security cameras, and secretive, undetectable code that can turn any USB drive into an unstoppable malware vessel.

    Brad Chacos | 22 Aug | Read more

  • The week in security: Ransomware hits the NAS as hackers set records

    Vendors would have been holding their collective breaths as the Black Hat conference rolled into town and researchers lined up to share their newest vulnerabilities. Some researchers were ready to name the most hackable cars, while others were talking about how to bypass PayPal's two-factor authentication and others were sharing information on how to steal security codes from home alarm systems.

    David Braue | 13 Aug | Read more

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