In Pictures: The hardest part about security is...

Tripwire photographed CSO Managing Editor Bill Brenner and others with a whiteboard shaped like a talk bubble, where they answered the question: What is the hardest part of security? Here are the answers.

  • @BillBrenner70: "Admitting that there's a lot you don't know, no matter how long you've been around."

  • @MikD: "Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!"

  • @ChrisJohnRiley: "Getting people to understand."

  • @KickFroggy: "Proving business ROI to those that NEED to know it."

  • @jadedsecurity: "Too many vendors!"

  • @danielh: "Getting management to understand the value of a funded team, without having a breach to smack them in the face with."

  • @JetSetYvette: "The fine line between business requirements and security requirements."

  • @banasidhe: "Having to 86 your friends & family."

  • @Gillis57: "Keeping ahead of the attackers."

  • @dfamorato: "Humans."

  • @mckeay: "Communicating complex ideas to people who want simple answers."

  • @attritionorg: "Still believing it isn't completely a lost cause. It is."

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