In Pictures: Cool, weird and unusual security gear

The unusual security stuff for sale at the recent GovSec Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • TELMATE INMATE STATIONS Once they’re locked up, inmates can use these for phone calls while you get visitation recordings and scheduling, all through this inmate communications suite with web-based login for accessing and controlling it all.

  • CONTROL STATION from ATI Systems The Windows-based central control point for activating, controlling and monitoring all system equipment for broadcasting live public address, pre-recorded messages and siren tones.

  • The BLUNT IMPACT PROJECTILE 40mm (BIP40) When you want to shoot but not kill, this is a direct-impact less-than-lethal rounded with patented technology to work at up to 262 feet.

  • The SARGENT SE LP10-F by Assa Abloy Access-control hardware that complies with the Personal Identity Verification standards under FIPS 201, this product supports SP 800-116 Uncontrolled and Controlled Security Areas.

  • ORATOR PLUS from UER When you’re planning your next mission in a hot spot, this multi-media presentation tool can pull in files, streaming video feeds, panoramic photos and other media types for white-board planning of scenarios.

  • FLAT TRACK, the first ultra-thin covert tracker for professional surveillance. Easily concealed under carpeting or paneling, the battery-powered Flat Track from Blackline provides mapping of the target’s real-time location and tracking.

  • The IDENTITY STRONGHOLD MINI WALLET for CREDENTIALS From Identity Stronghold, this not only lets you hold all your ID and access cards snugly, plus credit cards and receipts, it also has RFID shielding.

  • The HIGH POWERED SPEAKER STATION – 1600 (HPSS16) When you need to get the message out, this computer-controlled siren from ATI Systems will do it, even with pre-recorded voice messages.

  • PRIVACY PROTECTION FOIL For use with any RFID embedded ID item, it can protect the card or passport from any illegal “skimming.” Approved by GSA for use with government-issued PIV cards. Available in many colors and can be printed with logo, etc.

  • LYON MODULAR DRAWER WEAPONS CABINETS You need somewhere to store your weapon, and this cabinet meets small-arms storage certification.

  • COLLAPSIBLE SPECIAL OPERATIONS BUNKER from Daw Tech Need bullet-protection fast? The easily-transported bunker, which can fit in the truck of a car, rolls and unfolds into place fast to create a 6-foot-high bunker when you need one.

  • The LONER MOBILE SMARTPHONE from Blackline GPS This smartphone is for personnel who work in dangerous situations where they might suddenly go down. The device’s “True Fall Detection” technology of internal accelerometers and gyroscope would detect that, and trigger a safety alert.

  • NEW TRACER MOBILE APP from MediaSolv Solutions This hand-held mobile device captures evidence as videos and audio in the field to secure and manage it as digital evidence from the scene of the crime to the court date.

  • VALOR LAW ENFORCEMENT EVIDENCE PASS THRU LOCKERS From Lyon Workspace Products, this heavy-duty law-enforcement locker, which has a keyless lock system and a “chain of evidence locking system,” is for storing the evidence against the bad guys.

  • CELLBUSTERS ZONE PROTECTOR from Cellbusters Can track, detect and prevent cell-phone use in secure government buildings and military installations. Detects phones up to 100 feet away and device can be monitored over Ethernet.

  • The ATAC L2 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT from Unitex Direct Not just your average household flashlight, this one throws an ultra bright 222 ANSI FL1 Lumens of light in a tactical beam pattern and works in a silent cycle to prevent any “click” sound from potentially giving away your location.

  • These are not your usual ho-hum security products. If you worked as a government spy, law enforcement, or the military, what would you buy? Maybe some of this shown at the recent GovSec show.

  • TA-50 LOCKERS from Lyon Workspace Products Military-grade, heavy-duty storage good in tough situations like Afghanistan.

  • CLOUDPASS ACCESS CONTROL from Brivo Systems “Software as a service” designed specifically for government agencies.

  • The FbF mobileONE from Fulcrum Biometrics A “fingerprint accessory” for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, this lets law enforcement officers capture fingerprints and face images while they’re out in the field and match them against the FBI and state databases.

  • SPYPEDIA from CI Centre This online database resource about spies and terrorists, made available by the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, aims at helping intelligence professionals keep up with the latest.

  • TELMATE AUTOMATED LOBBY/BOOKING KIOSKS Even inmates need money, and family and friends can add to an inmate’s account through this lobby kiosk that accepts cash, credit and debit cards from visitors. The booking capability allows facilities to save time and effort with intake of new inmates.

  • The JAVELIN professional-grade covert tracker from Blackline GPS Battery-operated, it has two rare-earth magnets for 240 pounds of mounting force, not to mention Velcro, screw fasteners or adhesive, for real-time detection and tracking of your desired target.

  • The TOMAR SPIDER MICROBAR From Tomar Electronics, this weather-proof warning light with ultra-high intensity lamp modules features six warning modes and user-selectable flash patterns.

  • The IR REVOLUTION 360 CAMERA from HGH Infrared Systems Used by government agencies around the world for perimeter security, this automated, wide-area surveillance camera runs day and night for 360-degrees imaging.

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