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8 ways to become a cloud security expert

Information about how to securely navigate in the public clouds is, well, cloudy. We asked enterprise IT folks and IT consultants what resources they turned to get educated on this particular topic. The responses can loosely be broken down into three categories: niche conferences; big conferences, and authoritative voices accessible on the Internet.

Christine Burns | 12 Oct | Read more

5 secrets to building a great security team

For a security industry leader, Tim Williams is a pretty modest guy. As the former head of ASIS International and now as global security director for the $42.5 billion construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, Williams has won <a href="">his share of recognition</a>, which he doesn't take lightly.

Lauren Gibbons Paul | 20 Sep | Read more

Sony plucks first CISO from US Dept of Homeland Security

Sony has named US government cyber security czar Phillip Reitinger its first chief information security officer (CISO). The newly filled post was one of Sony’s key responses to its first major customer data breach in which 77 million customers personal details were compromised.

Liam Tung | 07 Sep | Read more

Opinion: Information Security - Shaping the Future

With a career in IT longer than I am willing to admit (suffice to say that it all began in a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth!), I am a relatively recent recruit to the Information Security profession. Not that the concept of security was new or strange, after all, security has been a function of IT for as long as I’ve been around.

Sue Strodl | 15 Aug | Read more

Change the labels, shift perspectives of security

When hired into an organization, each person has a <a href="">defined responsibility</a>, set of skills and sphere of influence. In essence, each individual is an expert contributing to the success of the organization.

Michael Santarcangelo | 22 Jul | Read more

IT admins gone wild: 5 rogues to watch out for

You can't survive without them. They wield enormous power over your systems, networks, and data -- the very lifeblood of your organization. Few people outside IT have any understanding of what they do, and fewer still exercise any oversight over their actions.

Dan Tynan | 21 Jun | Read more

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