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Should small businesses care about cybersecurity?

​There seems to be a constant bombardment of alerts and articles landing in my inbox over the last few months of system breach after system breach, it really does seem like the future is going to be a challenging one for businesses when we are talking about protecting your businesses from this ever-expanding avalanche of attacks.

Craig Ford | 30 Jul | Read more

Vigilance is key to protecting Australia Data

The nature of global warfare and political manoeuvring has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The physical conflicts of the past are moving into subtler, and potentially more catastrophic cyber espionage, and Australia, as a major economic and political power is no exception.

Rupert Taylor-Price | 27 Jul | Read more

Keeping ahead of healthcare cyber threats

The healthcare industry is among the most preferred prey of cybercriminals. Whether they’re targeting sensitive health information to extract ransom from a medical provider, or for blackmail or identity theft purposes, hackers are becoming faster and more intelligent.

David Oakley | 27 Jul | Read more

Could your staff spot a phishing email in their inbox?

Phishing campaigns have been a security concern for years plaguing our email systems and clogging up resources. Yes, spam filters are getting better but these pesky emails are still getting through to staff and are still claiming victims. Is this a lack of training or are we going down the wrong track while trying to educate staff on what to look for?

Craig Ford | 24 Jul | Read more

Deploying mainframe applications to the cloud

Many businesses continue to rely on legacy applications running on mainframes because the systems are stable and continue to deliver ROI and business value. However, as organisations move more workloads to the cloud, it’s time for businesses to consider their strategies on how and which of these legacy mainframe applications to migrate to cloud platforms.

Peter Fuller | 23 Jul | Read more

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