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Online threats driving password-management acceptance: Siber

No CSO would be unaware of users' resistance to complex and often arbitrary password-management schemes, but one password-management vendor believes the battle is not yet lost as the slowly-expanding profile of password-management tools gives enterprises large and small the ability to help employees manage a swag of complex online passwords.

David Braue | 07 Jan | Read more

Private life in the Cloud

We live in a world of cyber security threats: hackers breaching organisational firewalls, Wikileaks publishing private state documents, and employers tracking cyber activity for productivity sakes. Privacy, in relation to digital data, is a hazy topic.

Gordon Makryllos | 06 Jan | Read more

2014, the year that infosec gets political

2013 has certainly been a watershed year for information security. But to understand how things might subsequently unfold in 2014, it's worth remembering that each and every revelation of 2013 will be processed and acted upon by humans. Humans with their unchanging human nature, and organisations created by us humans, with their similarly unchanging nature.

Stilgherrian | 06 Jan | Read more

The important issues in Information Security today.

When it comes to choosing careers, some people have a distinct moment when they realise that “this is what they want to do”. In my experience, this moment was when I was sitting in a lecture theatre at University, I was studying what would have been similar to an IT degree today but I wasn’t a computer hacker, I didn’t really have a lot to do with computers. It was before Internet Banking, smart phones, tablets but something about listening to cryptography made me sit up, listen and not leave the lecture before it finished. I’ve now been working in the Information Security industry in Australia and overseas over the years, in many roles and many organisations.

CSO staff | 06 Jan | Read more

Turn your security inside out for added agility, says Oracle

"What we see is organisations fundamentally failing in their security because what they're trying to do is to hold the wall, and the wall doesn't exist any more. We've moved stuff out into the cloud, we've moved stuff out into tablets and put it out into the wide world, but the wall doesn't exist," says John Vine Hall, Oracle's security solutions director for Australia and New Zealand.

Stilgherrian | 20 Dec | Read more

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