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SecurIT 2019: Being a CSO is like Game of Thrones

With the threat climate continuing unabated, the impact of increasing volumes of attacks – and increasing pressure to stop them – has taken its own toll on CSOs who, iOOF Holdings head of cybersecurity and technology risk Ashutosh Kapsé noted, suffer from high burnout rates, job-related physical and mental health issues, loss of a sense of purpose, and constant fears for their jobs.

David Braue | 14 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2019: The Data Breach Pipeline

What do you get when you combine hacking tools that are easy to access, a treasure trove of stolen user credentials, user authentication that's so complex it practically begs to be bypassed and companies that make connected devices with little understanding of what they're doing and even less or an idea of how to fix the mess they've made?

Anthony Caruana | 31 May | Read more

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