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The Do's and Don'ts of Cyber Insurance

Many companies are discovering that they are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. In Q3 of 2017 alone, 79% of companies faced cyber attacks. Inside the past year, 50% of companies report being attacked by hackers with a ransom motivation alone.

Naomi Hodges | 05 Sep | Read more

Security VS Operations

​You are probably wondering how to beef up your current security practices given the almost never-ending assault on systems. Your in-house team is quite competent; however, you recognise that they could be better by implementing solid advice from well recognised, experienced sources.

Peter Sandilands | 24 Aug | Read more

Deploying mainframe applications to the cloud

Many businesses continue to rely on legacy applications running on mainframes because the systems are stable and continue to deliver ROI and business value. However, as organisations move more workloads to the cloud, it’s time for businesses to consider their strategies on how and which of these legacy mainframe applications to migrate to cloud platforms.

Peter Fuller | 23 Jul | Read more

Will AI kill the password?

‘Please enter your username and password’, a request so common we hardly notice it; from online shopping to online banking. In recent years we’ve become so accustomed to biometric logins and two-step authentication models when it comes to passwords; entering the same old user ID password that we’ve had for years.

Graeme Pyper | 02 Jun | Read more

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