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Why mutuality is the best approach to cyber risk

Back in the 17th century, massive fires in overcrowded cities were a major problem all over the developing world. Burgeoning companies were losing all that they owned. Then a group of business owners came together and devised a way to protect themselves, ensuring they could start again if it ever happened to them.

Lyndon Broad | 06 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2018 - Awards

AusCERT's annual awards, sponsored by the SANS Institute, night kicked off in spectacular fashion with fire-breathing commedian/musician Brian Brushwood carrying out his own version of a penetration test when he hammered a nail into his head through is nasal cavity.

Anthony Caruana | 01 Jun | Read more

The week in security: Welcome to the era of GDP.R you ready?

Years of anticipation and preparation came to a head with the commencement of the European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) privacy scheme. Yet even as the new regime kicked into gear, Australian companies were still figuring out their exposure and, by some accounts, had failed to train employees how to handle GDPR data requests.

David Braue | 29 May | Read more

Customers recommend, spend more with companies that protect their data – so why are so few businesses GDPR ready?

Increasingly data-hungry businesses risk commercial consequences as sceptical consumers threaten retaliatory action against companies that can’t protect sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), new research has found even as surveys suggest just 29 percent of companies will comply with globally-significant GDPR privacy legislation when it comes into effect next week.

David Braue | 17 May | Read more

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