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Data Breach Devastation – Lessons from LandMark White

In February 2019, LandMark White (LMW), Australia's largest independent property valuation firm publicly announced that a key online platform had been compromised and third parties had accessed over 100,000 records including property valuations, information of borrowers, lenders, homeowners and property agent data.

Ben DiMarco | 15 May | Read more

The Business of Organised Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a term that is thrown around a lot. For mainstream media the term can encompass everything from cyber warfare right the way through to the stereotypical loner, hacking from the dimly lit confines of their parents’ basement.

David Warburton | 16 Apr | Read more

Is your business under threat from a “shadow cloud”?

Most IT leaders will remember the days of “shadow IT” without much joy. As employees brought their own apps and solutions into the business, they also ushered in a surge of security issues throughout systems and networks – leaving IT scrambling to find the right balance between choice, flexibility, and control.

Jon McGettigan | 09 Apr | Read more

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