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Climbing the compliance mountain

Complying with regulations is always an intimidating task for businesses and government organisations. Around the world, recent initiatives that aim to protect sensitive information are creating a new mountain of bureaucracy, making a tough task even harder.

Brian Spring | 06 Jun | Read more

The War on Encryption

Encryption has been around for a very long time and was used extensively in both world wars to transmit secret messages. The decoding by British Naval intelligence of the encrypted Zimmermann telegram in 1917 helped bring the United States into the war.

Jason Hilling | 02 Jun | Read more

Will AI kill the password?

‘Please enter your username and password’, a request so common we hardly notice it; from online shopping to online banking. In recent years we’ve become so accustomed to biometric logins and two-step authentication models when it comes to passwords; entering the same old user ID password that we’ve had for years.

Graeme Pyper | 02 Jun | Read more

Memcached DDoS: The new kid on the block

In the past month alone, the cyber security industry bore witness to a relatively new face of distributed denial of service (DDoS) amplification attacks in the form of Memcached DDoS that reached a peak of 1.35 Tbps – the largest attack ever mustered.

Robin Schmitt | 02 Jun | Read more

The real cost of cyber scams

It turns out that businesses lost 23% more money to scammers in 2017 than they did the year before. In fact, the latest Targeted Scams Report shows that businesses were conned out of nearly $4.7 million last year, and unfortunately, it’s small businesses that were most likely to be targeted.

Richard Laycock | 02 Jun | Read more

Do brands benefit by using AI Systems?

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most popular topics among brands and marketers. This is because it is proven to make everyone’s life easier. Brands have chunks of data they need to process and make the best out of them, and AI proved to be very helpful with such tasks.

Karthik Reddy | 02 Jun | Read more

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