CSO Perspectives Roadshow 2015

Event Presentations

  • MC - Matt Tett

    Managing Director of Enex Testlab and CSO Editorial Content Director

    Matt Tett is the Managing Director of Enex TestLab, an ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited independent testing laboratory with over 25 years history and a heritage stemming from RMIT University.

    He is responsible for establishing and overseeing all eight operational divisions, delivering successful projects to 92 industry sectors across a number of global markets. He has a deep technical background in networking and security, and combines this with decades of high-level senior management and global business development.

    Matt holds the following security certifications in good standing CISSP, CISM, CSEPS and CISA.

  • Kim Zetter

    International Award winning Cyber security reporter

    Kim Zetter is an award-winning investigative journalist and author who covers cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyber warfare, privacy and civil liberties.

    She has been covering computer security and the hacking underground since 1999, first for PC World magazine, and then for WIRED, where she has been reporting since 2003 and is currently a senior staff writer. She has broken numerous stories over the years has three times been voted one of the top 10 security reporters in the nation by her journalism peers and security industry professionals.

    In 2005, she was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award for a series of investigative pieces she wrote about the security problems with electronic voting machines and the controversial companies that make them.
    In 2006 she broke a story for Salon about a secret NSA room at an AT&T facility in Missouri that was believed to be siphoning internet data from the telecom’s network operations center.
    In 2007 she wrote a ground breaking three-part story for Wired on the cybercriminal underground, which exposed the world of online carding markets and the players behind them.
    In 2010, she and a Wired colleague broke the story about the arrest of Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking millions of classified U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks.
    In 2011, she wrote an extensive feature about Stuxnet, a sophisticated digital weapon that was launched by the U.S. and Israel to sabotage Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

    She recently completed a book on the topic titled Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon published by Crown/Random House in November 2014.

  • William Cheswick

    International Author & Speaker

    Ches is known for his early work in Internet security, including firewalls, proxies, and as co-author on the first full book on Firewalls. He is also noted for his work in visualizations, especially Internet maps, which have appeared widely. Ches has worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Shannon Lab, and was a cofounder of Lumeta Corp.

    He continues to invent, collaborate, write apps, consult, and give talks worldwide. He is a visiting scholar at University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Frank Heidt

    CEO & Co-Founder Leviathan Security

    Frank Heidt, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cyber security

    Frank Heidt leads Leviathan Security Group’s executive management team.

    He is a recognized expert in the fields of Information Assurance, Network Security, & Systems Penetration.

    Prior to forming Leviathan Mr. Heidt was a Managing Security Architect for @stake and headed up their Pacific Northwest practice.

    He also engaged in various computer security related work for the Department of Defense. In his capacity as one of the DOD’s civilian Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO), he was responsible for securing several large networks for the Department of the Navy.

    Frank Heidt has been a Visiting Lecturer at the United States Army War College, United States Navy War College, and the Naval Post Graduate School Monterey on the subject of defensive information warfare and military computer systems security. Frank has presented at numerous conferences including TEDx Midwest.

  • Panel Session - Preston Hogue

    Worldwide Security Evangelist

    Preston Hogue is currently a world wide security evangelist and Director of Security Marketing Architectures at F5 Networks, Inc.

    Preston was previously a Security Product Manager at F5 specialising in network security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) for F5’s product portfolio. Preston first joined F5 as a Security Architect where he architected F5’s current Information Security Management System (ISMS). Preston has a successful track record of building out Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) with Security Service Oriented Architectures (SSOA) enabling enhanced, integration, automation and simplified management. Preston’s career began 18 years ago performing Operational Security (OPSEC) Audits for the US Air Force. Prior to F5, Preston was Director of Information Security at social media provider Demand Media where he built out the information security team and their ISMS which included PCI, SOX, OFAC, DDoS and DMCA programs. Preston currently holds CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC industry certifications.

  • Peter Gutmann

    Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

    Peter Gutmann arrived on earth some eons ago when his physical essence filtered down from the stars, and he took human(?) form. Lingering for awhile on the plateau of Leng while waiting for the apes to evolve, he eventually mingled among human society, generally without being detected, although the century he spent staked out in a peat bog in Denmark was rather unpleasant and not something he’d care to repeat.

    Once computers were invented he became involved in security research in the hope that enough insider knowledge would, at the right time, allow him to bypass electronic security measures on the first translight spacecraft and allow him to return to the stars. This is probably still some time away. Until then he spends his time as a researcher at the University of Auckland, poking holes in security systems and mechanisms (purely for practice), and throwing rocks at PKIs.

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  • Security Waves - Tim Treat

    Tim Treat, Cyber Security Expert, Palo Alto Networks

    Tim Treat’s focus at Palo Alto Networks is explaining the Enterprise Security Platform’s relevance and transformational pivots that protect enterprises and prevent attacks. He has over 20 years of experience in Network Operations and Defence. Tim began his career in the United States Air Force as a communications electrical engineer. In the Air Force, he led global fixed and deployed organizations performing Engineering and Installation, Combat Communications, Network Operations and Security Operations. After transitioning from active duty, Tim spent four years working with commercial industry at Mandiant. The experience he gained leading federal and commercial Network and Security Operations provided an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by governments and industry verticals. Tim uses his experience to help organizations incorporate enterprise resilience, prevention and protection into Network Operations and Defence convergence strategies.

  • Security Waves - Christina Camilleri

    Social Engineering expert

    Christina works as an infosec consultant by day and is a breaker of things by night. She has attended and presented at local and international conferences on social engineering and psychological manipulation and has won highest scoring OSINT report for two years in a row in the DEFCON Social Engineering CTF. She’s an active and passionate contributor in the infosec industry, and a strong believer in user privacy, free expression, and innovation. She also loves cats.

  • Security Waves - Peter Cooper

    IT Risk Manager, GWA Group

    Peter Cooper is the IT Risk Manager for GWA Group Limited, a role he took up in September, 2014.
    GWA is Australia’s leading supplier of building fixtures and fittings to households and commercial premises. It has a stable of iconic brands including Caroma, Fowler and Dux.

    A midsized company undergoing a major transformation of business and IT, Peter is tasked with creating the IT risk foundation to support the future of the company.

    Prior to that he served for long periods in the positions of Group Information Risk Manager for Woolworths, and the Head of IT Security at the Reserve Bank of Australia and Macquarie Bank. He has worked in IT for over 30 years, covering a range of areas including programming, systems analysis, systems programming, and IT audit.

    For the past four years, he had two terms representing APAC on the Board of Advisors to the PCI Security Standards Council.

  • Security Waves - Bill Taylor

    Senior Vice President and General Manager

    Bill Taylor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of LogRhythm Asia Pacific and Japan, is responsible for working with the APJ Security community on LogRhythm’s award-winning Security Intelligence Platform, allowing them to detect and respond to breaches and the most sophisticated cyber threats faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

    Prior to LogRhythm, Bill headed up regional businesses for Acronis and Symantec. At Symantec, Bill led both the security and storage divisions, and spoke regularly on security risks and vulnerabilities. Bill also sits on a regional Cyber Security council which provides advisory to both government and commercial entities, addressing current and future cyber-security challenges.

  • Security Waves - Raoul Endres

    IT Security Manager, Coles Financial Services

    Raoul is a senior information security leader with 15 years’ experience, predominantly working on the inside of financial services, insurance and government agencies. Coming from a technical background to help bridge the divide between technology and business. Raoul’s current focus is in a greenfield environment, building the security culture within which to manage financial payments and big data systems.

  • Security Waves - Dr Sally Ernst

    CEO and Cofounder, Cyber Security Networks (UK & Australia)

    Dr Sally Ernst has a rare and enriched background blending prominent industry research, business leadership, entrepreneurship, board governance, creativity, innovation, investment band government exposure in an international context. Some related press links can be found here.

    Sally is currently co-founder and MD of the UK and Australian Cyber Security Networks, which focus on holistic immunity from cyber threats. It does this through strategic internet security innovation; and, by engaging organisations at Board/ owner level to help them understand cyber security in the context of their business and its interconnected ecosystem, decide how to protect their organizational assets in that context, and act on those decisions.

    Facilitating the CSNs track-record of engagement with organisations at Board and Company Director level in the UK and Australia, Sally has held Board roles in both countries, including WebCentral Complex , The London Entrepreneurial Exchange (Chaired at the time by Sir Richard Branson), CloudStaff , The Institute of Management Consultants , and Entrepreneurs’ Organisation UK-London, where she increased female membership by a third during her term as Chair.

    Dr Sally Ernst's full bio

  • Security Waves - James Young

    Networking & Security Specialist, VMware

    James has nearly 20 years’ experience in the IT Security industry, with a focus on the design and implementation of secure network architectures. As an enterprise security expert, James is responsible for advising technology and business groups within enterprise and government bodies on the design of robust and operationally efficient security architectures and solutions. James has worked with a broad range of industries including banking and finance, carrier, state and federal government and utilities.

  • Security Waves - Jinan Budge

    Independent Executive Business Information Security Advisor

    Jinan is a people and business focused Information Security leader with a career spanning 14 years, where she has had the privilege of practicing locally in Australia as well as globally in North America, Europe, the UK and the Middle East. Jinan has worked in world leading organisations such Forrester Research, KPMG, PWC and locally in Australia in orgnisations such as CBA, NAB and UGL.

    Her clients have spanned many sectors including financial services, local and federal governments giving her a rare insight into some of the success and challenges facing modern day security leaders and their organisations. During her time with Forrester and beyond, Jinan’s research, publications, passion and engagements have centered around building and maintaining effective security programs through a razor sharp focus on the importance of leadership and communicating the business issues and value of the security programs to organisations, their end users, executives and boards.

  • Security Waves - Francis Kaitano

    IT Security Manager, Contact Energy NZ

    Francis is a security strategist with experience spanning, consulting, architecture, operational and management in various industry sectors. He is passionate about the role of security in innovation and how leadership can influence or transform modern and future businesses. Francis is an active and passionate and active contributor in the infosec industry, and a pragmatic future thought leader in security.

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  • Mark Jones

    CEO Enex Carbon

    Mark has 15 years in Information Technology, and 13 years of that has been specifically focused on the delivery of information security and technology risk management services to clients in the critical infrastructure, financial services, government, and commercial sectors across the Asia-Pacific, United Kingdom and North America.
    Mark’s areas of speciality include the design and deployment of information security strategy, implementation of information security management frameworks and management of risks specific to technology.
    Mark is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

  • Security Waves - Stefan Pernar

    Director, Virtual Reality Ventures

    “Stefan is looking back on over 20 years of experience in the ICT Security industry. After having been working with the German hacker group the Chaos Computer Club since 1992, Stefan joined the German industrial giant Siemens as their InfoSec Officer in China in 1999 where he spent several years building the company’s InfoSec organization before moving on the Singapore to develop and execute Siemens’ IT Audit program throughout the Asian-Pacific region until mid 2005.

    After a short stint as Director Operations for a top tier Beijing based IT outsourcing company, Stefan returned to Siemens to become Director of their Corporate Security office developing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategies for the enterprise. At the moment Stefan is working on commercializing the emerging new medium of Virtual Reality with his Ballarat based start-up Virtual Reality Ventures Pty Ltd (http://vrv.com.au) specializing in immersive content creation, application development and consulting for corporate clients on virtual as well as immersive augmented reality.”

  • Security Waves - Ajoy Ghosh

    General Manager, Security and Risk - Transport for NSW

    As the General Manager, Security & Risk within Group IT, Ajoy is responsible for IT Security and IT Risk Management across the Transport for NSW cluster. His focus is developing strategy and policy for Transport and stewardship of IT Security, Disaster Recovery and IT Risk Management capabilities across the Department and each of its Agencies. Ajoy is the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for Transport under the NSW Digital Information Security Policy and the Chair of the NSW’s IT Security Community of Interest which is the forum of SROs across the NSW Government.

    He is passionate about turning the black art of computer forensics into a discipline and making it accessible for all manner of litigants, not just the big corporates. He has practiced extensively and taught practitioners, prosecutors, lawyers and judges from many Agencies and jurisdictions and have regularly been called upon to provide expert testimony and to coach litigation teams. As an expert witness in computer forensics he specializes in large civil cases and technically complex criminal matters (e.g. terrorism, homicide, corruption, fraud, stalking, sex crimes, people trafficking and child pornography).

  • Security Waves - Dean Nicholls

    Product & Business Manager for NetIQ AsiaPacific.

    Dean has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years primarily with security and access technology. Over the last 10 years Dean has specialised in the areas of Identity and Access Management and business analysis through roles that involved solution architecture and delivery to customers in a wide range of industries.
    As the Product and Business Manager for NetIQ in the Asia Pacific region, Dean’s role is to translate core enterprise challenges into technology solutions that meet complex enterprise and service provider requirements. To this end, he works in close collaboration with global product teams to craft solutions that allow NetIQ customers to realise their business goals and deal with challenges that arise within an ever-changing enterprise. As the NetIQ technology evangelist in Asia Pacific and expert in the area of Identity, Access and Security, he works actively with customers across the region to make them aware of the benefits that can be achieved by expanding their technology outlook.

  • Security Waves - Duncan Alderson

    Manager, Cyber (Threat & Vulnerability Management) at PwC Australia

    Duncan is a Manager within PwC Australia’s Cyber practice. He has over 12 years’ experience in Network Design, Network Security Architecture and Penetration Testing. During this time has worked with many house hold names on multi-national projects. Designing and implementing large scale networks in ISP environments and implementing security solutions or secure design for multi-layer networks. He is currently the lead for the Melbourne Threat & Vulnerability Management team and has worked in United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Australia securing private and public sector clients systems.

  • Security Waves - Robert Layton

    Research Fellow, Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL), Federation University

    Robert is a security analytics researcher, with a focus on profiling cybercrime using data analytics, aiming to attribute and characterise cybercrime including phishing, romance scams and malware. Robert has worked with companies from the banking sector, law enforcement and security industries. In addition, he is a member of the Security Special Interest Group at the Internet Society of Australia.

  • Panellist -Mark Gregory

    Director, Academic, Senior Engineer, Public Policy Consultant, Writer, Author

    Mark A Gregory is currently a Senior Lecturer focusing on network engineering and Internet privacy
    and security in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne,

    He co-authored a book titled Security and the Networked Society in 2013, published more
    than 80 refereed papers and received a major government grant for a study on Wi-Fi in 2015. Dr
    Gregory completed a PhD at RMIT University in 2008, is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Senior
    Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., and recipient of an Australian
    Learning and Teaching Council Citation in 2009.

    He is the General Chair of the annual Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, managing editor of the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy and the Australasian Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications, an associate editor of the Australasian Journal of Engineering Education and a regular contributor to Business Spectator and other media outlets.

  • Security Waves - Laura Bell

    Vice Chair of the New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF)

    With almost a decade of experience in software development, penetration testing and information security, Laura specialises in bringing security practices and culture into organisations of every shape and size. Known for her no-nonsense, plain English approach, she has made a career from challenging traditional fear based formal governance approaches.
    An experienced conference speaker and regular panel member, Laura has spoken at a range of events including Kiwicon, Linux Conf AU and Microsoft TechEd on the subjects of privacy, covert communications, agile security and security mindset.
    She is Vice Chair of the New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) and the founder and lead consultant at SafeStack (http://safestack.io). She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and daughter.

  • Security Waves - Kayne Naughton

    CEO at Asymmetric Security

    Kayne Naughton is a technologist and security researcher with 15 years’ experience across the education, government and finance industries. Since 2013 he has been running a start-up, Asymmetric Security, focused on security intelligence for the finance and corporate sector. Kayne is also a volunteer with the Shadowserver Foundation, a US based non-profit dedicated to keeping the internet safe. He is currently focused on researching cyber crime, malware and open source intelligence but draws on experience in system administration, coding and teaching.

  • Security Waves - Sue Strodl

    Information Security Expert

    Sue has a diverse background in Information Security, Risk, Privacy, Compliance, Business Resilience and IT Operations. Her particular interest is in raising the profile and values that security, risk and compliance streams offer through challenging the status quo, building awareness and making them relevant and palatable. She is a member of AISA, ISACA and CSA and has SABSA, CISM, CRISC and CObIT5 certifications.

  • Security Waves - Anu Nayar

    Head of our Cyber, Privacy and Resilience practice at Deloitte

    Anu is the Head of our Cyber, Privacy and Resilience practice. He brings over 17 years’ experience within mission-critical organisations in the USA and New Zealand. He is a trusted advisor to C-suite teams and coaches and mentors senior leaders. Anu has led and managed over 500 sensitive or highly complex security and forensic investigations, and independent inquiries in his career, including crisis event responses associated with cyber and physical attacks, severe business interruption and fraud events.

    Anu recently led the development of a global payment card industry approach and operating model for cloud services to harness the power of cloud safely.

    He connects the dots and the people to make big things happen. Anu sees it as privilege to help his clients when the going gets tough; and to enable them to go digital, turn data into insight, and create bolder, “safe and strong” businesses.

  • Panellist - Andy Prow

    CEO Aura Information Security

    21 years in the software development and IT security industry. BSc Hons in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
    Performed lead developer to system architect roles for companies such as British Maritime Technology, Ericssons UK, Telecom NZ, IBM NZ, T-Mobile Germany and Vodafone UK. Founded Aura Software Architects in 2001 as initially a boutique software architecture firm, operating to government agencies in Wellington.
    This grew to Aura Software Ltd in 2003 where we developed several systems including one used by Microsoft globally today. In 2006 we specialised in IT security consulting founding Aura Software Security Ltd (now Aura Information Security) and then Aura RedEye in 2009 as our managed services business.

  • Panellist - John Lindsay

    Business & Technology Advisor

    John Lindsay is a business and technology advisor based in Adelaide. He is connecting smart people who get stuff done with investors, customers and partners to build great Australian technology companies. He is a director of several technology companies and an advisor to Simon Hackett’s base64 and Enex Testlabs.

    After the sale to iiNet Ltd of his employer, Adelaide based national ISP and junior telco Internode, at the end of 2011, John was appointed iiNet’s Chief Technology Officer with an annual network operations budget over half a billion dollars. With a four nation staff of 150 he grew their combined private global IP network to cover eight countries with over 150 gigabits of lit capacity into Australia servicing over one million broadband and mobile end points before departing at the end of 2013.

    John has been a corporate representative to the Competitive Carriers Coalition and CommsAlliance and is a former director of the Internet Industry Association (now merged with CommsAlliance).

    He has published an open source Arduino project and is active in social media including the broadband forum Whirlpool.

  • Security Waves - Asaf Ahmed

    CISO NSW Fire Brigades

    Asaf Ahmad has had challenging role in information security management and implementing IT Projects. In the last 15 years, my experience has been in information security management, governance and management of enterprise IT, IT risk management, developing a compliance and assurance program, applying ITIL in establishing and improving IT processes, implement ISO 27001, Disaster Recovery, Business continuity and providing information security advice and assurance to business.

    In doing so, I have also developed IT and Information Security strategy and currently implemented IT Governance framework.

    My experience stretch across all areas of IT, continuously maturing, developing security architecture, and carrying out security assessment for cloud hosting, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, outsourcing, BYOD, Work from Anywhere, social networking, and developing policies.

  • Security Waves - Gavin Costello

    Product Development Manager, Telstra

    Gavin has nearly 20 years in Product Development, from Operating Systems and Media Applications at Apple in the mid-90’s to Advertising delivery software until 2008. For the past 7 years he has Product Managed Telstra’s Consumer Security offerings. Initially managing and enhancing the successful BigPond Security business to introducing “Malware Suppression” on the BigPond Network and most recently developing new Products to help provide safer connected experiences for Telstra’s Home Broadband customers.

  • Panellist - Simon Dalli

    General Manager Security & Technology Governance at Tabcorp

    Simon is a seasoned executive in Technology Management, Information Risk Management, Security, Technology Risk and Compliance (Security & Quality). He is the General Manager Information Security & Technology Governance for Tabcorp Holdings – a publicly listed company on the ASX and one of the largest gambling and entertainment groups worldwide.

    He is a member of the Technology and the Risk management leadership team reporting directly to the CIO. Simon has over 15 years’ experience leading financial services, Government and Retail Information Security & Risk divisions. He is customer focused, an outcome driven leader, passionate about leading and building teams that deliver business results, with broad experience in addressing emerging technology implementations in broad segments of industries, with a passion to addressing external regulatory requirements.

    Prior to Tabcorp Holdings, Simon has held the position of IT Security & Risk manager at AXA, AMP, The Transport Accident Commission and a prior role as the Network Security Manager at Coles Myer.

  • Security Waves - John Ellis

    Chief Strategist - Cyber Security

    John Ellis is Chief Strategist – Cyber Security at Akamai Technologies. He is an experienced thought leader with more than 20 years of IT security strategy and technology solutions experience and has spent the last nine years in Asia. John has held senior technology positions in Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Capital and Telstra. John is responsible for providing thought leadership and advocating Akamai’s security technologies to help customers address their business problems in cyber security.

  • Security Waves - Gary Gardiner

    ANZ Director of Engineering

    Gary has been working within the Information security field since 1999. Gary joined Fortinet March 2014. Prior to joining Fortinet, Gary managed the Northern Region Engineering Team at Check Point Software and has also held management and consultancy roles within large financial and government organisations.

    Gary relocated from the UK in 2003 where he worked for a large financial company securing their online banking infrastructure. Gary holds a CISSP certification.

  • Security Waves - Owen Loeffellechmer

    Head of Enterprise Security , Bank of New Zealand

    The Head of Enterprise Security is responsible for the organisations entire security posture. The key aim being to protect the critical assets of the Bank of New Zealand, namely Human Capital, Property, Operations and Reputation with the greatest effectiveness.

    The role of the Head of Enterprise Security is to: Lead the related security disciplines according to the BNZ vision and strategy. Provide leadership, strategic, operational and tactical capability from business security risks originating domestically and internationally. Serve as the enterprise focal point for security incident response planning and execution. Provide a security architecture characterised by appropriate awareness, prevention, preparedness, and responses to changing threat conditions.

  • Security Waves - Paul Brooks

    Director and Vice President of the Internet Society of Australia

    Sometimes described as a “Serial CTO”, Paul’s expertise in telecommunications network design, planning and operation is derived from extensive hands-on experience in Broadband Access and large-scale data networking. His practical and pragmatic knowledge of communications protocols, leading equipment suppliers, carriers & service providers and the Australian regulatory environment has been forged through consulting projects and executive positions in carriers large and small.

    He is one of the few people in Australia with direct experience in wide-scale residential NGN access network deployment and broadband video delivery through his appointment as Chief Technology Officer at TransACT Communications in Canberra, and he has served as CTO for a number of other carriers and start-ups, including Global One, eCOM, and currently as GM Networks & Technology for Trident Subsea Cables.
    As head of the Communications Alliance NBN Taskforce, he lead the telecommunications industry engagement with the early stages of the NBN across multiple parallel workstreams. Within the Internet Society of Australia Paul advised the Commonwealth Government on issues regarding ISP content filtering, and most recently lead the technical analysis of the proposed metadata retention legislation and co-authored the submissions to the current reviews.

    Paul is an active participant within the Communications Alliance (formerly ACIF) and the Australian ISP community.

    He has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Adelaide, and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of New South Wales.

  • Security Waves - James Tin

    Senior Enterprise Security Architect , Akamai Technologies

    James Tin is a Senior Enterprise Security Architect with Akamai Technologies covering Asia Pacific + Japan.

    James has extensive experience in the IT security space, having worked in security for over 15 years, including 9 years in Application Security. James’s current focus is working with customers to increase their cyber resiliency and increase their security posture with Application Security + DDoS for protection.

    To ensure that online applications applications are; always available, fast and secure.

    His major clients include the largest financial institutions in Australia, large government departments including defence and education, and other high profile corporations domestically and internationally.

  • Security Waves - Alistair Blake

    Director of Security and Risk Services in Deloitte Queensland

    Alistair’s previous experience includes roles as a Cyber Security Executive in CSC, the Australian Defence Force, including Australian Signals Directorate, and as an Assistant Director of the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department where he trained the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s APEC 2007 Taskforce in security.

  • Panellist - Geordie Guy

    Datacenter and Network Specialist , at Cover-More Insurance

    Geordie is a technologist and online policy commentator and analyst. He has worked with a range of organisations including Electronic Frontiers Australia examining copyright, privacy, surveillance, censorship and digital regulation.

  • Security Waves - George Fong

    President, Internet Society of Australia & Nerd Herder, Lateral Plains

    George’s professional life was as a Barrister at Law and as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore where he practised shipping and admiralty law. He moved to Australia in 1987 where he took up a lecturing position at the University of Ballarat (now Federation University Australia). George co-founded NetConnect Communications, one of the first Regional Internet Service Providers in Australia.

    Currently he is a Director at Lateral Plains Pty Ltd, with a number of years of IT experience, in teaching, management & consultancy in various companies & projects focusing on regional telecommunications issues and strategies.

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