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  • 10 December 2018 09:30

Create Your Own Gaming Room with AGON AG322QC4

A console-friendly monitor for all-rounded professional gamers

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Sydney, Australia - 10 December 2018: AGON, the premium gaming monitor brand from display manufacturer AOC, has launched a new model: the AG322QC4. Designed in collaboration with pro gamers, the curved-screen features an array of powerful gaming specs that PC gamers will appreciate, also making it well equipped for console gamers who want a superior alternative to the typical TV. Gamers can enjoy a superior party experience with friends thanks to multiple connectivity ports and the large 31.5" screen.

The AG322QC4 includes features that are fundamentally superior for any form of competitive gaming: anti-tearing measures including the new-and-improved AMD FreeSync 2, 4ms screen response (faster than almost all TVs), and ultra-smooth high-speed movement through the eSports-standard 144Hz refresh rate. The sleek 1800R curved design matches the natural curvature of the eye, making it less strenuous to track movement on screen during long sessions.

Console gamers will also appreciate that the AG322QC4 has multiple display inputs (VGA, HDMI x2 and DisplayPort x2) meaning that one can keep a PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch connected at the same time – no need to fiddle with plugs and cables when switching devices.

Mr. Hawk Chiang, head of AOC regional product marketing, said, “The AG322QC4 monitor has been designed with features that PC and console gamers alike can enjoy. Technologies that combat lag and screen tear are already widely considered important for PC gaming – especially RTS, FPS and MOBA eSports titles – but they are equally useful for console gaming. In fast-action fighting games, a split second is the difference between blocking a hit and getting knocked out. Going forward, we remain committed to designing the most powerful gaming monitors available, to suit multiple gaming preferences and specialized types of play.”

Other Product Highlights
• The large 31.5" screen provides a good view for split-screen local multiplayer, an important aspect of the console gaming experience for many.
• With globally-trusted VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400, the AG322QC4 uses HDR technology to display clearer contrast, better color accuracy, more vibrant colors and greater realism.
• Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440) offers superior picture quality and detail than industry-standard Full HD displays.
• Low Input Lag reduces delay between keyboard/mouse/gamepad and the screen to ensure you never fall behind in your gameplay.
• AGON Shadow Control, Game Mode, and Game Color allow quick adjustments to optimize contrast, saturation and overall picture quality to suit every game.
• Dial Point is a special feature for FPS gamers in particular, which allows an aiming indicator to be placed at the screen center to assist with aiming.
• Frame Counter can display the current gaming frame rate in any of the screen’s four corners.
• Low Blue Mode and Flicker Free help shield the eyes from harmful short wavelength blue light and backlight flicker, respectively.
• The adjustable stand allows gamers to maintain good posture by aligning the screen with their seating position.
• The monitor has a USB 3.0 hub for convenient connection of USB peripherals, with enough power to recharge mobile devices while gaming.

Product Summary
Product Name: AGON AG322QC4
Screen Size: 31.5”
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 - DisplayHDR 400
RRP: $639 AU / $739 NZ
Availability: Now
Product Link:
High Resolution Images:
AG322QC4 is available through AOC partners.

About AGON:
Since the inception of AOC Gaming many years ago, we’re proud to say that we’ve always put gamers’ needs first. In addition to embracing new technologies, we’ve put our money where our mouth is by sponsoring many leading eSports teams – actively driving the emergence of gaming as the global profession it has become today.

To match the increasing demand for a competitive edge and top-tier performance, AOC launched AGON as a specialist gaming brand. Named after the Ancient Greek word for “struggle” or “contest”, the AGON brand represents a new level of engagement with the world of gaming. Whether you’re an eSports professional or an aspiring home gamer, AGON monitors’ performance-driven specifications and convenient features will support you on the path to glory.

About AOC:
Sold in over 107 countries, AOC is a market leader in electronic displays and is positioned to be one of the top global brands in providing the best display technology to users worldwide. With nearly 50 years of experience in market analysis and consumer feedback, AOC is dedicated to designing products that address rising technological trends, as well as the diverse and changing needs of different consumers. Our commitment is emphasized through the AOC slogan ‘Vision at Heart’ – at AOC, we’ve kept the hearts of our users in our vision, and we’ve kept their vision in our heart.

Find out more about AOC at:

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