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  • 24 October 2018 10:46

Dotz Limited’s proprietary technology will help companies fight back against the $2.2 trillion global counterfeiting market

Proprietary marking, tracing and verification technology can help companies tackle counterfeit products.

As part of its new strategic focus, ASX-listed tech company Dotz Limited (ASX:DTZ) will use its proprietary marking, tracing and verification technology to help companies tackle the US$2.2 trillion global black market.

Dotz CEO Uzi Breier said the company’s technology has already been successfully tested in China, where 70 percent of the world’s counterfeits originate, and would focus on anti-counterfeiting in packaging, polymers, lubricants and product liability areas.

“Declining trust is a major reputational issue of our time. Most companies that produce products with a premium brand value are under attack from counterfeiters. Dotz’s ‘ValiDotz’ markers utilise microscopic molecular, non-toxic, carbon-based security tagging materials to create unique biological signatures on printed surfaces, coatings, varnishes, bulk plastics or inserted into polymers, lubricants and other liquids.“

Visible only under UV light, the marker doesn’t affect the properties or appearance of a tagged product and has four layers of security, rather than the common three. These biological signatures are made up of colours, colour combinations, patterns and forensics while Dotz’s cloud-based image recognition and detecting readers enable on-site product authentication against the user’s unique data sets.

“Our anti-counterfeiting technology is effective because our unique markers are virtually impossible to reverse-engineer. During a recent industrial pilot, our markers provided brand protection for a company that produces about six billion boxes of cigarettes a year. It was an ideal test market, as counterfeiting is rife in this industry and the difference between the cheapest and most expensive brands is 100-fold.”

Lubricants are also being counterfeited in mass quantities, posing a serious threat to an otherwise rapidly growing market. This can result in costly machine failures and prolonged down times for critical equipment.

“Currently, there are no effective means of combatting these counterfeit products as perpetrators use empty containers of the original product and even high-quality printing to mislead consumers.”

“Our markers are incorporated and added into existing manufacturing processes, making it economical for brands to implement. They also have multiple applications and could be easily adopted by everything from high-value perfume and pharmaceutical industries to heavy manufacturing and mining.”

In the oil and gas services and upstream sectors, Dotz’s ‘Fluorensic’ product is used as a tracer. Using the same microscopic molecular, non-toxic, carbon-based security materials as Validtoz, it is the only non-toxic tracing fluid that is also water soluble and resistant to photo-bleaching. As such it is ideal for drilling applications, helping to prevent the risk of harmful chemicals in upstream oil and gas exploration and production. It also enables on-site tracing.

“The ability to trace our marking in real-time with the in-field Fluorimeter kit that can be used on site is a highly valued by the oil and gas industry, where they would typically have to wait three days to analyse the results and identify blockages.”

“We’re addressing an important market need and we see this sector as offering massive business and growth opportunities.”

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