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  • 19 October 2017 13:37

CMC Markets launches new podcast for traders and investors

19 October 2017: Leading global financial services provider, CMC Markets has today launched a new podcast series, The Artful Trader, educating and inspiring global listeners on the art of trading the financial markets.

The Artful Trader podcasts will explore the psychology of trading experts, delving into their thought process when facing big wins, losses and everything between. The series will unlock the secrets behind the highs and lows of some of the industry’s most renowned experts, and recount their journey to mastering the art of the financial markets.

The podcast series is a new initiative for CMC Markets, designed to provide education and insights to traders through an accessible and popular medium that is experiencing significant groundswell in Australia. The Artful Trader will initially launch as a series of eight podcasts, with speakers and topics to include:

Jack Schwager, fund manager, industry expert in futures and hedge funds and author of Market Wizards Raoul Pal, economist, investment strategist and publisher at the Global Macro Investor and former hedge fund manager for Goldman Sachs and GLL Partners Ray Barros, professional trader, fund manager, author and educator Linda Raschke, an American commodities and futures trader, president of LBR Group, Inc. and LBR Asset Management Graham O’Brien, manager of equity derivatives sales, ASX

Talking about the launch of the podcast series, CMC Markets Chief Market Strategist, who is the host for the series, Michael McCarthy, said, “Trading is considered incredibly strategic, rigorous and rational, but behind every great trader is a person with passion, energy and – most importantly – a story. The Artful Trader has been created to offer access to internationally renowned speakers and traders, each with their own experiences of the art of trading.”

The new podcast series is a natural evolution to CMC Markets’ annual Masterclass series, which ran from 2012 – 2016, providing Australian traders access to internationally renowned speakers.

“We wanted to access the increasing number of Australians listening to podcasts. This series explores all dimension of trading and the stories behind the industry’s best. It will appeal to a broad audience from high frequency traders to everyday investors to those who’ve never traded a share in their life.

McCarthy continued, “It’s fantastic to have some of these greats of trading join us and share their insights as part of this series. I’m confident their experiences and stories will both entertain and educate our traders here in Australia and New Zealand, who may have previously been unable to attend a Masterclass event.”

Talking about the launch of the podcast series, Head of CMC Markets Asia Pacific and Canada, Matthew Lewis said, “There is a gap in the market for traders to gain a first-hand, behind the scenes understanding of the experiences, challenges and tips of developing a successful trading strategy, and The Artful Trader has been created to meet this need.”

Ray Barros, a renowned trader, is one of eight traders to be interviewed as part of the first series of podcasts. He said, “I have learnt a great deal from other influential traders throughout my career, and I’m a real advocate of ongoing education and mentoring fellow traders. The opportunity to be one of the first interviewees in The Artful Trader podcast series was very appealing.”

The first two episodes of The Artful Trader are available for download now on both iTunes and Android -

CMC Markets is a leading global provider of online trading platforms, headquartered in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). As well as the UK and Australia, the Company also has offices in New Zealand, Canada and across Europe.

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The Artful Trader – interview summary (subject to change)

Raoul Pal Around the World in 80 trades Ever wondered what it’s like to view the world in the palm of your hand? In the first episode of the Artful Trader we go around the world in 80 trades with one of the world’s top Macro investors Raoul Pal.

He joins CMC Markets Chief Market Strategist Michael McCarthy to talk about his journey from technical analysis to managing hedge funds to launching ‘Real Vision TV’. In this interview Raoul Pal reveals what he learnt from the world’s top traders and where he thinks the next ‘pearls’ of opportunity lie.

Ray Barros Lose, Lose, Lose... Win! The 7 year itch In his over thirty years of trading, Ray Barros has seen many traders, both beginners and experts, mistake luck for skill. He was one of them. But Ray Barros managed to turn seven years of losses into remarkable wins. Now he is giving back teaching newer traders the skills he learnt the hard way.

Former hedge fund manager Ray Barros joins CMC Markets Michael McCarthy and generously shares his biggest piece of advice.

Linda Raschke The Aim of the Game. Trading like an athlete Can the game of trading be compared to an elite sport? What does it take to win? According to Linda Raschke the similarities are more than you’d expect and yes she believes sleep, diet and exercise are also important for the trader to stay relaxed, focused and consistent.

Linda Raschke has been trading for over 35 years starting out in the pit before running her own top-ranking hedge fund. In this episode, Linda Raschke takes CMC Markets’ Michael McCartney step by step through her training ‘homework’. Find out why she thinks preparation is key to winning in finance.

Peter Cruddas A pioneer’s journey to the top What was the creative thinking that could predict the potential business opportunity of the internet? In this episode, Michael McCarthy interviews one of the pioneers of the industry the CEO of CMC Markets, Peter Cruddas, who built the first online forex trading platform and radically changed the way we trade.

But his is not the typical evolution within the finance industry. Find out how Peter Cruddas defied the odds by turning 10 000 pounds, one desk and one phone into a cutting edge, global organisation, and why when everyone was telling him to cut his losses with this ‘internet thing’ he persisted.

Ticky Fullerton The Trading Story. Behind the finance news Why do some global disasters barely cause a ripple on the markets while a small blip can cause them crashing? How dependent are the markets on the 24 hour media cycle?

Who better to ask than Ticky Fullerton, one of Australia’s top business journalists and the host of the daily business finance news report on Sky News Business channel called ‘Ticky’. She worked for two decades at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a senior finance reporter and investigative reporter for 4corners. The idea behind her hour-long TV finance show is to provide some analysis to the nightly 2 minute finance news, and to investigate further the intersection between business and politics. Ticky talks about breaking news on air and the difference between opinion and fact.

Jack Schwager Crafting your own bespoke trading style How do the master of the trade become the best and is there any one thing that they all have in common? Jack Schwager has met and interviewed all the greats in the industry and collated them into his Market Wizards series. And who better to interview the top traders than a trader himself?

Jack Schwager started out in the pit, before heading up Futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms. He was a partner in the Fortune Group, a London-based hedge fund advisory firm.

In this interview, Jack Schwager shatters any illusion that his books are a how-to, arguing that the best traders have not copied the techniques and styles of other traders, but developed their own bespoke trading styles, carefully and systematically. He also talks about his new online analytic tool called Fund Seeder that allows traders to track their own performance.

Brett Steenbarger Rhyme or Reason? Applying the science of psychology to the art of trading How are emotions involved in the decision making process of a trader? Do traders set aside their emotions or analyse them to make better decisions? Dr Brett Steenbarger is a psychologist and a performance coach who counsels traders and hedge fund portfolio managers in the US, Europe and Asia each week.

He wrote the first definitive book on The Psychology of Trading, along with The Daily Trading Coach, and his latest offering, Trading Psychology 2.0. He discusses the need for traders to have cognitive flexibility and open-mindedness. And he explains why cultivating creativity and a life outside the trading room is essential to the work inside it.

Graham O’Brien Robots vs. Raw: Can AI outperform the raw art form of trading? When Graham O’Brien started on the trading floor at the Australian Stock Exchange, some 20 years ago, computers were slowly being introduced. He witnessed the dying days of the trading floor with the transition to online trading. But he says that Australia as a ‘second adopter’ of new technology learned from some of the tough lessons experienced in offshore markets. For example, he describes how at the ASX all the cables feeding into the central terminals of the high frequency traders are exactly the same length so that no-one firm has an unfair advantage.

So what does the future look like? Will AI outperform and outsmart traders? Graham O’Brien is excited about the possibilities of new technology but doubts robots will replace actual human traders… just yet.

About CMC Markets CMC Markets plc. (CMCX), was established in 1989 and through regulated offices and branches in 14 countries is now one of the world’s leading independent financial services providers. With a head office based in London, UK, the business has offices across many of the world’s leading financial centres, including Frankfurt, Paris, Sydney, Singapore and Toronto. Through our award-winning, online and mobile trading platforms, we enable clients to trade over 10,000 financial instruments including contracts for difference (CFDs), foreign currencies (FX), shares, indices, Digital 100s, electronically traded funds (ETFs) mFunds (unlisted managed funds), options, listed managed investments, warrants and interest rate securities. In 2007 CMC Markets launched its broking service, CMC Markets Stockbroking, which is now the largest non-bank aligned, online stockbroker in Australia. Dedicated to quality, innovation and customer service, in 2017, CMC Markets was recognized for overall satisfaction in the 2017 Investment Trends Report (CFD) and as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards in 2015. CMC Markets Stockbroking has continued to provide Australia’s Best Value, winning Canstar’s Online Share Trading Broker of the Year for seven consecutive years, and additionally our Pro stockbroking platform has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2016 for Business Innovation. Please see our website for more information

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