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  • 21 June 2016 07:50

Australian Telco Veteran, Larry Kestelman, is Making Waves in the Silicon Valley with Saisei -- Named Big 50 Startup for 2016


Saisei, a Silicon Valley-based portfolio company of Australian telco veteran Larry Kestelman, announced today that it was named a top 50 startup in Startup50’s Big 50-2016 report, an annual roundup of the top tech startups to watch in 2016. Hundreds of startups enter the rigorous vetting process where they are evaluated by a panel of experts and voted on by members across the tech community to determine the top 50 that represent the technologies, market sectors, and trends that will challenge the status quo.

Saisei is an innovator in network analytics and control. Its software is helping companies eliminate application crashes and deliver a superior user experience by providing extensive, real-time analytics, control and security for mobile, cloud, SDN and NFV networks. Kestelman, the founder of Australian telco leader Dodo and Oxygen Ventures, believes Saisei is a game-changer in this arena.

“Investing in disruptive companies is in my DNA, and Saisei is no different,” says Kestelman. “Both service providers and enterprises are faced with massive challenges today that are underpinned by a need for better network visibility and analytics, and a requirement to optimize network performance and improve security. With Saisei, we are providing just that – in software and in less than second – to help companies improve their quality of service and grow their business.”

“Winning this award is particularly gratifying because it represents the great recognition and support we have from customers, partners and industry supporters who’ve evaluated us and believe what we’re doing is very different and beneficial to managing networks today,” said Saisei Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Beckett.

Previous Big 50 startups have achieved billion-dollar valuations (Cloudera), been acquired by major incumbents (Eucalyptus), and completed successful IPOs (Square).

“I won’t be at all surprised if several of the startups in the Big 50-2016 list are household names in the coming years,” said Jeff Vance, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Startup50. “This is a really strong lineup, with startups tackling everything from artificial intelligence to water treatment to cyber-security and Big Data.”

“I’ve been covering startups since the dotcom bubble first started to inflate. As a journalist, one of the most vexing challenges is separating the contenders from the science and vanity projects. With so much noise in the startup world, finding any meaningful signals, the ones that truly correlate with success, is an ongoing, uphill battle,” said Vance. “To earn a spot in the Big 50, startups must go through a rigorous vetting process, one designed to strip away the noise and focus only on substance. The Final 50 are the determined few who fought their way through the entire gauntlet.”

For the list of the top 50, see:

About Startup50 and the Big 50-2016

Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 in order to establish a hype-free zone and to start repairing the broken relationship between journalists, marketing/PR, and the startups themselves. Prior to founding Startup50, Jeff regularly contributed features stories to Forbes, Network World, CIO, Wired and many others. He also founded and still runs Sandstorm Media, a content marketing consultancy, in 2003. The Big 50 is Jeff’s yearly roundup of the hottest 50 startups to watch. These are startups that have all gone through Startup50’s rigorous vetting process and that represent the technologies, market sectors, and trends that are poised to challenge the status quo in the coming year and beyond. For more information, visit

About Saisei

Saisei is a Sunnyvale, California-based software company that has revolutionized network visibility, analysis and control for the challenges that mobility, cloud, SDN, NFV, and the Internet of Things are bringing to networks today. Its scalable, real-time Network Performance Enforcement software solutions provide the speed and smarts needed to instantly see, analyze and enforce policy on the millions of applications, users, and devices populating networks today. Enterprises and service providers can now use their full network bandwidth knowing that unexpected traffic surges are automatically accommodated and all user traffic will get through even the busiest of network links with no dropped sessions, resulting in dramatic savings, accelerated revenue growth and a great user experience. Learn more at Connect with Saisei: Twitter (@SaiseiNetworks), LinkedIn and Facebook.

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