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  • 9 May 2014 14:52

ETS Announces Advanced Biometric Voice Identification

Patent pending for new global test security measure for TOEFL® tests

ETS today announced that a major new security enhancement, designed to reinforce the position of the company’s TOEFL® Program as one of the most secure English-language tests in the world, has been rolled out worldwide. Biometric voice identification, one of the most significant advances in security in the testing sector in many years, was rolled out on February 8, 2014, in all 130 countries where students take the TOEFL test every year. The TOEFL Program began piloting the software, which is designed to identify suspected impersonations, in May 2012, and the software has now been rolled out on a global scale as part of the screening process for all TOEFL test takers worldwide. ETS currently has a patent pending on the use of biometric voice identification software for this purpose, and the TOEFL test is the only English-proficiency test using this advanced security measure worldwide. “The pilot phase of the biometric voice identification software proved it to be a major asset in identifying suspected impersonations and enabling ETS to cancel those scores before they were reported,” commented David Hunt, Senior Vice President, Global Education and Workforce Division at ETS. “Security is a top priority at ETS, and we are proud to have this best-in-class security measure in place for our TOEFL test. Valid scores depend on secure administrations, and this powerful new tool will help to ensure just that.” The sophisticated biometrics voice identification software program was developed by a company that provides similar solutions for organizations in the banking, law enforcement and healthcare industries. ETS has also elevated the prominence of its whistleblower hotline to its home page to encourage anyone suspicious about fraudulent activity to make their concerns known to the company. “The investment that ETS makes in technology and security is what makes the TOEFL test so distinctive. The new advanced security measures – including voice biometrics – are innovations that enable institutions to have additional confidence that the person submitting a TOEFL test score report was the person who sat each component of the test,” says Jeffrey Smart, Vice President International and Future Students, Swinburne University of Technology. “Biometric security features are at the cutting edge of identity verification, and I know that the ETS team has invested considerable research expertise in introducing the feature.” More information regarding the TOEFL test’s prevention and detection security processes is available at

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