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  • 16 November 2012 09:14

TE Connectivity launches Quick Termination Technology market program

The Quick Termination Technology program from TE Connectivity is a new holistic installer program which covers the entire connectivity process of all structured cabling solutions.

“The Quick Termination Technology program is created to provide products which allow the installer to perform quickest, most consistent and economical cable installations, while addressing the rigorous requirements of 40Gb/s copper, and in particular 100 Gb/s fibre network installations,” said Mark Putica, TE Connectivity Enterprise Networks Regional Marketing and Communications Manager.

The program covers all aspects of cable installation, termination, connection, certification and testing.

The Quick Termination Technology program comprises four key product solutions covering all cable types and cable installations. For Quick Fibre Termination, TE Connectivity brings the leading LightCrimp Plus tool; for quick shielded (STP) copper termination a proven best AMP-TWIST SL tool; for quick unshielded (UTP) termination, the new MULTIMATE tool and for Quick Cable Installation, ReelSpeed2.

Quick Fibre Termination – With LightCrimp Plus, TE Connectivity’s well known fibre crimper, an installer is able to make fibrr optic terminations using a quick, clean and simple mechanical process. Only a few tools and minimal training is required. The LightCrimp Plus tool allows on-site fibre termination without epoxy, polishing papers, ovens, UV lamps or electrical power.

Quick Shielded (STP) Copper Termination – The AMP-TWIST SL tool is one of the best proven shielded (STP) termination tools, capable of terminating copper cable in less than 60 seconds. The AMP-TWIST SL tool terminates all types of SL Jacks (110C, AMP-TWIST 6S; AMP-TWIST 6AS and AMP-TWIST 7AS). It strips cable, marks the foil, terminates and cuts eight conductors at once, while maintaining the twisted pair integrity for reliable connections every time. Its lacing fixture also assures simple and effective use. It has been designed to drastically save time, making installers more efficient and productive.

Quick Unshielded (UTP) Copper Termination - The new MULTIMATE termination tool from TE Connectivity has been designed, manufactured, tested and assembled in Australia. It simultaneously terminates and trims all four pairs of conductors in one effortless action. The MULTIMATE termination tool is ready for use straight out of the package being able to handle wide range of TE Connectivity KRONE RJ45 outlets. The tool ensures significant time savings by terminating and cropping wires in outlets up to eight times faster than traditional methods.

Quick Reel Technology – The new ReelSpeed2 from TE Connectivity is a world-first cable reel, specifically created to provide contractors with an easier, faster and more efficient method of cable rollout. The new Australian-designed cable reel is manufactured with six interlocking pieces that fit together without mechanical fasteners or adhesives. It is produced from polypropylene and glass fibre – making it strong, durable and recyclable. Unlike traditional cardboard reel boxes, the trademarked ReelSpeed technology offers reduced pull force and ease of handling, while providing infinite stacking options that suit both the installer’s preferences, as well as, the limited space in which they are working.

More info on Quick Termination Technology:

About TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a global, $14 billion company that designs and manufactures approximately 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products that touch every aspect of our lives. Our nearly 100,000 employees partner with customers in virtually every industry—from consumer electronics, energy and healthcare, to automotive, aerospace and communication networks—enabling smarter, faster, better technologies to connect products to possibilities. More information about TE Connectivity can be found at

TE Enterprise Networks infrastructure solutions connect people and technology across office networks and data centers. Supporting data transmission at speeds of up to 100Gbps, many of the world’s most complex data networks run applications over TE products selected from AMP NETCONNECT and KRONE portfolios. More information can be found at

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