digi.spark hackathon


Date: 27th October 2018  — 28th October 2018

Data is raining down on Australia, and you can be the first to work with leading technology firms to create market ready apps for when the new Consumer Data Right comes into law.

The big city institutions will be throwing loads of resources at cranking out new consumer focused App’s by empowering personal data. But what about the little guys?

We’re after 50 of our brightest developers and innovators to help us bring the power of personal data and private sharing to communities in regional Australia that don’t always have the technical resources of the big end of town.

Contestants are jump started with the power of secure, private sharing and data compliance capabilities already baked into the digi.me Consent Access platform to work with while using finance, social and other data types.

We need App developers (individuals or teams) from start-ups and innovation groups as well as entrepreneurs and students to come together with one mission; To improve the lives of people living in regional communities by empowering them to securely share their personal data with regional operators and beyond.

What’s driving #digi.spark?

Creating Jobs for NSW means making sure our regional centres and communities are offered the same leading-edge products and opportunities as city dwellers. With some big changes ahead around the introduction of the Consumer Data Right Bill, it’s important that Regional NSW is not left behind.

Register now

You’ll need to pre-register to get your hands on SDK’s and data samples.

Meet-ups and Webinars will be published two weeks week prior so you can sharpen your digi.me skills and understand the format of the competition.

Get fired up with an invite to the digi.spark launch event on Friday evening (October 26th), then hack across the weekend at UTS Broadway with plenty of food, drink and swag provided. We’ll have industry luminaries and mentors on deck to keep you inspired.

If you join as an individual, you’ll be paired up with a team with diverse skills. If you form a team, make sure you have an iOS or Andriod /React Native developer and designer as part of your crew.

In the meantime, you can check out the digi.me platform for some early inspiration, pictured below is one app that resulted from an earlier Hackathon. Iceland hackathon


University of Technology Sydney
Level 6, Building 11
15 Broadway
Ultimo, NSW 2007

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