IDG Security Day


Date: 21st June 2017

Defining Risk in 2017

What is top of mind in information security and other areas of risk in 2017? How has the landscape changed in the past year, and what factors on the horizon are likely to change through the end of the decade?

As enterprises forge deeper into the digital realm, managing risk and security become ever more important for senior information technology and security executives. And in today’s global, multi-cloud, multi-generational workplace, there’s risk in every corner – and the board wants to know what you are doing about it.

Do you have the right mix of defenses? Are you spending the right amount on compliance vs. third-party concerns vs. employee awareness training?

IDG Security Day is the place where senior decision-makers come to learn from peers and experts and explore information security solutions to enhance their security posture. Take a seat at the table to hear their latest challenges and provide the expert insights they’re looking for.

Key topics:

  • Threat protection/preventing breaches (Incl. patch management, user training, encryption management, multi factor authentication and threat intelligence)
  • Social engineering (Incl. phishing/user awareness)
  • Assessing and Mitigating the Risks of Emerging Technologies
  • Elements of a World-Class Security Program
  • Managing Regulation and Compliance
  • Managing the IT/security Relationship
  • Managing Third-party Risk or Skills Alignment
  • Awareness Training
  • Building credibility with senior leadership


  • Craig Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network Ltd
  • Stephen Kraemer, Head of Information Security, Ports of Auckland
  • Sharmila Packiaraja, ICT Cyber Security Manager, Kinetic IT
  • Ty Miller, Director, Threat Intelligence
  • Duncan Alderson, Senior Manager, Cyber and Forensics, PwC Australia
  • Andrew Bycroft, CEO, The Security Artist and more



Hyatt Regency
Maritime Room 1
161 Sussex St Sydney NSW Australia

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