Splunk for Security (Enterprise)

Splunk collects, indexes and harnesses all the fast moving machine data generated by your applications, servers and devices - physical, virtual and in the cloud.

Use Splunk to search, alert and report in real time on any user, network, system or application activity, configuration changes, and other IT data from one place. Eliminate the need for multiple consoles and follow the trail of an attacker from one place. Perform more in-depth analysis and respond to incidents faster and more thoroughly, lowering your risk and exposure.

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* Accelerate incident response
* Lower exposure and risk
* Identify unanticipated threats before exposure occurs
* Continuously observe the changing threat landscape
* Eliminate false positives
* Make your people smarter and more effective

Use Splunk for:

Incident response
Splunk will be the first place you turn when you get an alert or a report of any suspicious activity.

Security monitoring
Its easy to monitor security events across the IT stack. Search for traffic violations in your router and firewall logs, find access violations on servers and applications, or look for unauthorized or unsafe configuration changes

Fraud detection
Splunk gives you the power to make sophisticated fraud detection a reality.

Insider threat
Equip your organization with the flexible analysis capability you need to detect insider threat of all kinds.

Security reporting
Splunk gives you a single place to generate reports across all of your IT infrastructure and technologies.

Enterprise Version:
With an Enterprise Splunk license you can index from 500 MB/day and get access to the following additional features;

* Receive data routed from other Splunk servers
* Distributed search and clustering
* Access controls and multiple user accounts
* Deployment server
* Download Splunk here

Splunk's pricing model is simple - licensed perpetually, pricing is based on the peak daily volume of raw uncompressed data indexed. If you need to increase your license to index more data later on, you can upgrade at anytime.

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(p) +61 03.9221.6206

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