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Where we’ve been. Where we’re going.

As we wind down 2015 I think it’s a good time to throw my two cents into the morass of all the other “end of year recaps” and “next year predictions”. From where I sit, this is what I observed, and this is what I think we’ll see in the future.

Bob Bragdon | 15 Dec | Read more


In my humble opinion. It's an easy way to say that what I say here is just my opinion. It's a gut instinct, if you will. But as with many of you, I've learned to rely upon that gut instinct, and that instinct is beginning to scream lately. It's not because of any particular issue, but rather a trend I am encountering.

Bob Bragdon | 07 Apr | Read more

A primer for school security

Like you, I was horrified by the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. I am hopeful that it will awaken communities around the country to the risks our schools face. They are the quintessential "soft targets," and they need special attention.

Bob Bragdon | 30 Jan | Read more

Celebrating teamwork

I have met with many, many security leaders in the 10 years since we launched CSO. They continue to do great and amazing things to manage their organizations' risks, advance the profession and develop the next generation of security leaders.

Bob Bragdon | 17 Oct | Read more

Before you lecture, listen

If you haven't heard yet, this is CSO magazine's tenth anniversary. Let me be the first to let you in on a little secret (in case you've been living in a cave somewhere): A lot has changed in ten years.

Bob Bragdon | 11 Oct | Read more

The many seasons of our discontent

I had high hopes that we might actually see a federal cybersecurity bill this year. Foolish me! (Of course, by the time this is published I may have been proven wrong--but I doubt it). Lieberman-Collins bill looked like it might go somewhere...but it didn't. CISPA even passed the House before it ran into the stone wall of another house (white). Now there are grumblings in the Senate that may doom any other cybersecurity legislation that comes up this year. What a shame.

Bob Bragdon | 30 Jul | Read more

Storm brewing

This summer I embarked on my annual vacation with my wife and daughter. As usual, we spent a day packing the ever-present SUV with what looked like three months' worth of supplies and headed to a favorite island of ours for a week of relaxation.

Bob Bragdon | 08 Oct | Read more

Risky workers

I thought we could examine a recent theme in a little more detail this month: the challenges of dealing with the <a href="">consumerization of IT devices</a> in the workplace. We recently completed a study, in partnership with Symantec, that looked at the security and compliance risks of a mobile workforce. It affirmed what I've believed for a long time, namely, that there is a consensus that mobile workers pose a great risk and that, for the most part, businesses are not prepared to mitigate that risk.

Bob Bragdon | 31 Aug | Read more

Left to your own devices

I've been watching a challenge grow on the horizon. It comes up over and over again in conversations with security and technology executives alike, and if it hasn't hit your organization yet...well, let's just say that it probably has and you're just missing it. It's the broad issue of mobility and the consumerization of IT. Simply put, it's all those fun little devices that your employees are bringing to you and saying "support me."

Bob Bragdon | 21 Jun | Read more

Are passwords a waste of time?

I apologize up front for jumping into this debate, but I couldn't resist. Not a week goes by, or so it seems, without some newspaper, magazine or TV show (apologies to my media brethren) lambasting security and IT professionals because they force unnecessary security controls on the poor, downtrodden consumer or worker. It's as if your security requirements are designed to make everyone's life miserable with little or no benefit. You evil CSOs! My heart bleeds for the poor peasants whom you oppress.

Bob Bragdon | 06 May | Read more

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