Stories by Maryfran Johnson

A 'whac-a-mole' approach to security

If you've ever played the silly, maddening game known as "Whac-A-Mole," you know what futility feels like. As you smack one mole with the mallet, up pops another one. Their speed and number escalates as you flail away, trying to keep up. At some point, you realize there's no hope of winning.

Maryfran Johnson | 23 Jul | Read more

Chicken little viruses

When all was said and done, did Mydoom spell doom for your company? Did the fast-spreading, widely publicized virus bring your enterprise down in a tangle of clogged e-mail systems and overwhelmed servers during the past few weeks?

Maryfran Johnson | 17 Feb | Read more

Opinion: Avoid the 'Gotcha'

Security audits can be so detailed as to be useless. How do you fix, say, 60,000 individual “holes” in your network? Where do you start? This is a problem that folks in the government and other private groups have begun to solve.

Maryfran Johnson | 10 Oct | Read more

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