Stories by Cassandra Khaw

Make forgotten passwords a distant memory with myIDkey

Keeping your passwords safe is hard work--and keeping them complex enough that others won't figure them out but you can still remember them is equally difficult. Arkami's solution? The myIDkey (funding through March 22), a biometrically secure Bluetooth/USB flash drive and password manager, which lets you carry all your access codes, account numbers, and other data with you on a device that is compact enough to affix to your keyring.

Cassandra Khaw | 19 Mar | Read more

Help Jumpstart Jumpshot's Vision for Malware-Free PCs Everywhere

Most of us have that "one person" in our lives, that individual who seems pathologically incapable of keeping their hardware free of electronic miscreants for more than a week. No matter how many times you remind them not to click on those "You have just won the Brooklyn Bridge" ads, they just keep going back like bloatware-loving lemmings. It's infuriating and it's the reason why you should fund Jumpshot on Kickstarter.

Cassandra Khaw | 12 Jul | Read more

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