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Will tech industry ever fix passwords?

After the recent security breach that hit professional social networking site LinkedIn, social media companies are scrambling to patch over their poor security practices. Wait too long to address known security holes, and CIOs should worry about seeing their companies targeted, hacked and eventually vilified in the press.

Jeff Vance | 16 Jul | Read more

What you really need to know about Cloud security

Despite all of the hand wringing over cloud security, major Cloud security breaches haven't been grabbing headlines. The past year has seen major breaches, such as the ones that hit Sony and Epsilon, but we haven't heard much of an emphasis about the Cloud being a weakness.

Jeff Vance | 19 Jun | Read more

Slideshow: The Future of Malware

It seems like there's a new data breach every day. And, the experts say, it's only going to get worse as hackers come up with new ways of getting their hands on our personal information. Here's a look at how malware is expected to evolve.

Jeff Vance | 05 Oct | Read more

The future of malware

Personal information belonging to a <a href="">full third of Massachusetts residents has been compromised</a> in one way or another, according to the state's attorney general, citing statistics gleaned from a tough new data breach reporting law.

Jeff Vance | 03 Oct | Read more

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