Stories by Jarrod Loidl

The Great Patching Debate

For as long as I can remember there has been a vicious debate about the speed of deploying security patches and tempering it with patience enough to test them. This mantra was born from a number of historical reasons.

Jarrod Loidl | 22 Jun | Read more

2012: The Year of Cold Cyber Warfare

2011 was an interesting year for information security. Institutions began to make much greater use of the Internet as a mechanism for obtaining and sharing information, including conducting operations against their enemies. Today, we are escalating towards a far darker cold cyber war era, 2012 is going to have a dark side.

Jarrod Loidl | 16 Mar | Read more

Accessibility Trumps All

Every year sees an increase in usage of the Internet. Broadband penetration rises. More websites are created. Business grows by sharing information with their partners. This desire to reach the masses and provide goods and service cheaper and faster than their competitors often means trade-offs are made. These trade-offs typically involve trading accessibility for security.

Jarrod Loidl | 07 Sep | Read more

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