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Craig is currently employed by Davichi a Brisbane based MSP/MSSP as a senior ICT security engineer. Craig is continuing to expand his knowledge and furthering his participation in the security industry by both presenting for conferences and contributing articles to CSO.

Could your staff spot a phishing email in their inbox?

Phishing campaigns have been a security concern for years plaguing our email systems and clogging up resources. Yes, spam filters are getting better but these pesky emails are still getting through to staff and are still claiming victims. Is this a lack of training or are we going down the wrong track while trying to educate staff on what to look for?

Craig Ford | 24 Jul | Read more

Does your organisation have cyber insurance?

Let’s start at the beginning and outline a few statistics to indicate the cybersecurity problem as it exists in Australia and then I will outline what benefits cyber insurance can bring to your organisation. That way you can better make a decision on what cyber insurance packages are best suited for your organisation.

Craig Ford | 05 Jul | Read more

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