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Craig is currently employed by Davichi a Brisbane based MSP/MSSP as a senior ICT security engineer. Craig is continuing to expand his knowledge and furthering his participation in the security industry by both presenting for conferences and contributing articles to CSO.

A Hacker, I am

This had been a long gig, with many long nights just crawling through logs, or reconnaissance data but as I sipped from my cold cup of coffee, it clicked. I had access.

Craig Ford | 25 Feb | Read more

Cyber warfare is here and we are not prepared

Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the number of breaches occurring globally, every time we look at the news another high profile company has been breached and customer data leaked all over the internet or for sale on the dark web.

Craig Ford | 01 Feb | Read more

Would you know if you had been hacked?

Let's say I was a cybercriminal or Blackhat hacker (The idea of being a black hat hacker is humorous to me, it would be a stretch for me to even be a Grey hat but let's go with the story) and I am starting my week with considering my latest target to loot.

Craig Ford | 19 Dec | Read more

Hacked via Fridge: Do you really know what is on your networks?

​It’s that time of year again when security professionals are preparing for the onslaught of security threats like phishing emails or other social engineering attacks to take advantage of people’s good nature or just the fact that most people are busy trying to get everything ready before they leave on their breaks.

Craig Ford | 13 Dec | Read more

The Christmas phishing flood is coming

The couple weeks leading up to Christmas is always a chaotic and overwhelming time. You are attending Christmas social events, pulling late night work shifts to try and get your work finished before we all leave for that well-deserved break.

Craig Ford | 10 Dec | Read more

Autonomous cars are coming, and hackers are rubbing their hands in anticipation

Over the last few months I have been doing lots of research about new cars particularly family size cars that can handle a growing family for many years to come (our current family car is getting a bit old and could do with an upgrade) and as a security professional (would be hacker) I seem to really pay attention when the car salespeople start to talk about all the new connected features like the auto link app in the new Hyundai Santa Fe that you can record all the details on where the vehicle has been and statistics etc.

Craig Ford | 15 Nov | Read more

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